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My ccna certification is allready expried but I could not
apper the ccnp exam due to some personal problem. Currently
i am working as network administrator .Can it create any
problem for my next job . and how can i apper he ccnp exam.
Please help me and give me what is the solution.

My ccna certification is allready expried but I could not apper the ccnp exam due to some personal..

Answer / nathan

Hi, If you want write the CCNP exam, your CCNA
certification should be in valid. otherwise you can not
apper the CCNP exam. Not only that CCNA valid upto three
years only. So, again you have to clear CCNA exam.

As you said that you are working as a Network Admin. One
thing you should know that CCNA is not complsion for
Network Engineers. If you have good experince in this field
you can get good jobs. You dont worry about CCNA and all.
Experice, exposure, and technical knowledge is importent.
All the best.

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