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What is a service tax?.How to pay the service tax return?

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What is a service tax?.How to pay the service tax return?..

Answer / yash

service tax is levy of tax on the services provided by any
individual, firm, co. etc...
any body provide any type of services and his service
exceed the amount of 10 lakh he is must be ragistration in
service tax department
now this time service tax rate is 10.3%
10% is service tax
2% is edu. cess
1% is higher educess
total tax is 10.3% on the amount

calculate the amount of service tax nad paid by tr-6
challan to the govt.and in every 6 month we submitted the
service tax return in the department.

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What is a service tax?.How to pay the service tax return?..

Answer / anil prajapti

The Service Tax Assesses are required to file a half yearly
return in Form ST-3 in triplicate, to the Superintendent of
Central Excise, dealing with Service Tax work. The return
is to be filed within 25 days from the last day of the half
year it relates to and should be accompanied by copies of
all TR-6 Challans issued in the relevant period.

Half-Year period means (1) 1st April to 30th
September and (2) 1st October to 31st March.

Thus, the returns for half year ending 30th
September and 31st March are required to be filed on or
before 25th October and 25th April.

Further, assesses filing the returns for the
first time should also furnish to the department the list
of all the accounts maintained by them, relating to Service

If no Services have been provided during a
half year and no Service tax is payable, the assessee may
file a “Nil” return within the prescribed time limit.

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What is a service tax?.How to pay the service tax return?..

Answer / sree

enybody let me know how service tax calculate on works contract what is the processure with examples

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