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is their a difference in cobol400 for the release 5.2 and
6.1 at the as400.

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What is data structure in as400? What is the use of data structure?

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how to see the error messages for each command in cl?

2 Answers   CGI,

how can i get the cursor position in display screen to to display my window?

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What are all the compiler directive statements?

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what is the purpose of ovrdta and ovrata keywords ?

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Q. HOw can read multimember file through RPG/400 and CL/400 Actully i know that we can Read multimember file in RPG through EXEFILE and EXEMBR and in cl through OVRDBF and MEMBER(3)....But i want to read 3 members by CL Program And RPG/400 program.Please write the coding(Program) for both RPG/400 and CL/400 programs? 2.What are the full forms(stands) of EXEFILE and EXEMBR?

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how will you find a string using pdm?

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explain the purpose of keep and assume keywords?

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STRTCPFTP command is used to start FTP in CL Language (ILECL)....can u plz tell me which command is used to start SFTP in CL language(ILECL)?

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Hello, I have created a CMD type object. In one of the fields in Display file , I would like to see All the Source files present by pass the name of Library. Tried using CHoice(Keyword) and Choicepgm on PARM , but doesn't seems to be working. Any help please..

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what is sflrolval?

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Apart from opening of a file do we have any other use of USROPN?

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