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When excise duties differs from 8.24% to 14.24%? Why excise
gate pass is required during dispatch of vehicle?

When excise duties differs from 8.24% to 14.24%? Why excise gate pass is required during dispatch o..

Answer / n k hazra

Excise duty was 8.24% in which year

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subscription charges paid to foreign firm, whether TDS is applicable or not? Because amount is huge

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Suppose there is a computer Inst. providing a course abc and the total fees for it is Rs.10000 per annum, now this institute gives the right to another institute to provide facility of that course on behalf of it and the fees amt. is bifercated to Regd. fees Rs. 2500, Exam fees Rs.500 and tution fees Rs.7000,now the former institute gives right to later ins. to take Rs.7000 and says that the amt. of regd. fees and Exam fees i.e Rs. 3000 must be given to it plus service tax, now we have to save the former ins. from paying service tax on Amt. 3000, how can we do this?

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How to fill up the Challan (Form-VIII)of profession tax?

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1. Defination of Contractor & sub contractor 2. In cash method of accounting can we claim TDS deducted on Advance Recevied from contractee.

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wht do you mean by copmosition of tax

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how we issue the road permit to seller for receiving the rearing material

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C Form required for Exempted Inter-State Sales?

3 Answers   United Chloro Paraffin Pvt Ltd,

My salary is Gross 17000/- pm and 1 salary is added as bonus total CTC is 2.21 LPA. Is am eligible for incometax. Kindly revert .

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All Tax Experts We are manufacture assesses registered with the excise department or our office and works area are commercial on rent basis and lease holders charge service tax on rent or raise the invoice on same premises address can we taken credit of service tax, on input services and utilized in Cenvat Credit with Excise pls. Explain me.

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I need c-form. But our business is auto-cad training center. I want purchase some computer. So, how to received c-form.

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i received annual inncentive received with deduction of TDS from My suplier. Total amount 100000/- Inncentive.Rs.90000/- Tds Rs.10000/- how to take entry in my books.

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DO anyone need TDS(tds is tax deducted at sources ) Software?Saral TDS is the software for electronic filing of TDS and TCS returns as per the provisions of Income Tax Act. With thousands of customers throughout India, It has been the proven best eTDS Solution for the eReturns. Saral TDS has also been known for being used by several Nationalized Bank Branches, Such as Indian Bank, Union Bank Of India, State bank of India, SBM, SBH, Vijaya Bank, Karnataka Bank and So On.. contact

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