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What is information technology.

What is information technology. ..

Answer / hari

request to responce(communcation)

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what is an inline fuction??

2 Answers  

Explain is it better to bitshift a value than to multiply by 2?

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#include<stdio.h> int SumElement(int *,int); void main(void) { int x[10]; int i=10; for(;i;) { i--; *(x+i)=i; } printf("%d",SumElement(x,10)); } int SumElement(int array[],int size) { int i=0; float sum=0; for(;i<size;i++) sum+=array[i]; return sum; } output?

5 Answers   Ramco,

What is the concatenation operator?

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Can you return null in c?

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what is ans for this scanf(%%d",c);

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i want to have a program to read a string and print the frequency of each character and it should work in turbo c

3 Answers   Persistent, Wipro,

What are the characteristics of arrays in c?

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what is bit rate & baud rate? plz give wave forms

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What are the different properties of variable number of arguments?

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What is extern keyword in c?

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What is return type in c?

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