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how and when compiler knows that the Java code throws the
checked Exception.

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how and when compiler knows that the Java code throws the checked Exception...

Answer / aruna

Checked or caught exceptions are those exceptions that the
application programmer created a catch block to handle them.
while compiling, the java compiler make sure that all the
checked exceptions must be caught by the applicaion
programmer.Those exceptions are called the application or
business logic exceptions.

Inside the method body, there are calls to other methods;
the compiler looks at each of their method signature, what
exceptions they declared to throw. There are two
possibilities, either exceptions are caught inside the
caller-method by a try-catch block, or the caller declares
to throw the exception to its caller.

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how and when compiler knows that the Java code throws the checked Exception...

Answer / vatsal doshi

When: At Compile Time

How: Complicated.

Checked Exceptions are those which a Java Compiler is capable of checking at compile time. These exceptions normally occur when some pre-definite methods from the Java API are used by programmer. So compiler identifies such method invocations in the code. If handled using catch, or specified in the throws clause, compiler compiles successfully. Otherwise, it shows a Compile Time Error Message of possibility of a Checked Exception

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