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what is contingent liability

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what is contingent liability..

Answer / pradeep gunuguntla

The liability which comes into existence on the happening of
an uncertain event.

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what is contingent liability..

Answer / vipul chauhan

contigent liability which is payable on the event it may be
payable or not for example the insurance amount is payable
if incurred the event otherwise not payable this is called
the contigent liabilities

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what is contingent liability..

Answer / himanshi

contingent liability is that liability of the occurence of
which is uncertain. this liability is not shown in the
balance sheet rather below the balance sheet on the
liability side.

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what is contingent liability..

Answer / sivakumar

it is the liability which will accrud based on the future

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what is contingent liability..

Answer / parushuram

contingent liability is liability the amount which is
payable to the depancesupon feature happening is called
contingent liability

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