What is the difference between General Ledger and Trial

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What is the difference between General Ledger and Trial Balance?..

Answer / lxmi1972

General Ledger is the one recording of transactions in a
particular account head to show the actual movement of the
transactions and its effets.
On the other hand, Trial Balance is the consolidation of GL
Account figures which will show the total debit and total
credits of each accounts which are configured in GL .

At any situation, in Trial Balance, Debit and Credit total
should match.

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What is the difference between General Ledger and Trial Balance?..

Answer / h.r. sreepada bhagi

General Ledger consists of Individual Ledger A/cs of Parties
(Debtors, Creditors, etc), Incomes, Expenses, Other Assets,
Liabilities, Capital & Reserves' A/cs. A Ledger is a book of
secondary entries & transactions are posted to relevant
Ledger A/cs from the book of Primary Entries (i.e. Purchase
Book, Sales Book, Bank Book, Cash Book, General Journal,
CN/DN Register, etc.)

Each ledger a/c will have all transactions (Debit & Credit)
relating to that account.

On the other hand Trial Balance is an abstract of balances
of all the ledger accounts & bank/cash books as on any
particular date. Trial Balance is prepared to ensure the
correctness of the balances of all the accounts.

In case of Accounting is Computer Software Packages,
transactions are getting recorded simultaneously in the
books of primary entry as well as books of secondary entry.

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