What agile testing? how it is process?

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What agile testing? how it is process?..

Answer / arvind

Agile testing is done when an iterative model of approach
is used.Small piece of enhancement is done , code is
deployed and then testing is done..the process is iterative.

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What agile testing? how it is process?..

Answer / chabs

Agile testing is done when there is dependency between the
features to be developed(which's developed in stages) or if
the customer gives the requirements in stages(which is
almost the same as spiral which is also an iterative method)

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What agile testing? how it is process?..

Answer / sarika kalbhore

Agile testing is used whenever customer requirements are
changing dynamically

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What agile testing? how it is process?..

Answer / narandra

agile testing means spiral testing

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What agile testing? how it is process?..

Answer / narasimharao.r

in this model 1st test engineers write the test cases and
give it to the development team in order to preventing the
defects while developing the application.

adv:- preventing the defects and etc.......

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