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Kindly help me with the following queries..
-- How to recognize webtable using QTP and how to use it?
-- How would one conclude that it is a web table
-- For Example, if there is a web table and I am clicking on
say Cell A1, how would i know that i've clicked on cell A1
-- Kindly suggest me to use the web table better

Kindly help me with the following queries.. -- How to recognize webtable using QTP and how to use i..

Answer / nidhi jain

To recognize web table using QTP you need to use SPY.
Using spy clieck somewhere inside you webtable.
you will get webelement and above that in hirarchy you will
get web table. Save this table in your object repository.
now do the coding like below

msgbox Browser("XXX").Page("XXX").WebTable

here 1 is row number and 2 is column number

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