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Can anyone give me a clarification about the difference among

Can anyone give me a clarification about the difference among assembly,namespace,class,dll??????..

Answer / prabhanshu srivastava

Assembly: It is Core Block of .NET Framework.It is a
collection of functionality that is built, versioned, and
deployed as a single implementation unit (as one or more

Namespace:Namespace is physical path that represents the
location where respected class will already placed.

Class: Class is like template. It will consider formal
definition of object.
I can say:
A class acts as the template from which an instance of an
object is created at run time. The class defines the
properties of the object and the methods used to control the
object’s behavior.

Dll: .DLL as we know stands for DYNAMIC LINK LIBRARY.
It will created when we Compile the .net Framework
application. One more thing i want add if we delete .dll
file of any application that time related .exe will
automatically deleted.

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