what are pretesting activities

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How to find the length of the string in qtp?

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I need to know how to Automate a Username and Password for a Web-based product? I'm scripting 3 different types of surveys but each Survey requires a Username and Password which is always the same. I can I do this using QTP?

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What is keyword driven testing..what is the use of this in Automated testing

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What is descriptive Programming in qtp.

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hi guys, pls tell me for testing institution training hub, hitech city is best or not?

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Can anybody let me know how to test the Drag and drop feature of the column in a .net application...eg..i hav to test the drag and drog feature of a table(swftable) in a application..plze help!!

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How to load the object repository at run time?

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What is output value? How many types of output values are there in qtp?

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When to use descriptive programming?

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Hi any body can tell me the in detaled information about Description.Create() thanks in advance

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I have written some script in QTP and i added those objects in Object Repository. All written script has been executed successfully. After few days when i tried to execute the same script i got error message "objects not found in Object Repositiry". How can we solve this issue?

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What is the best institute in Ameerpet? If people think Ameerpet is the pride of hyd they need to go to Delhi/Gurgaon/noida you can find the difference.

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