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any body pls. tell me, if we purchase with credit card how
to take into tally ( and)
comes under which group for credit card purchases

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any body pls. tell me, if we purchase with credit card how to take into tally ( and) comes under ..

Answer / tej prakash sati

Purchases will be booked in Purchase account and same
amount will be credited to the Credit Card account which
will created in Tally under current liabilities (Loans-
Liability) (Bank OD A/c).

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any body pls. tell me, if we purchase with credit card how to take into tally ( and) comes under ..

Answer / sandhya

for suppliers it goes to sundry creditors.
this is the pay through the credit card.
so it comes to bank account.
in bank accounts r bank OD account create that bank account
as a ledger.and then enter the value to that date.

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