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Hello Dear!,
Anybody knows the "SYLLABUS" for "Deputy Field Officer" here?
If know plz plz.... tell me

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when will the SBI Probationary clerk exam results will be announced? The interview was on April 27th 2010. Please can someone answer me.

1 Answers  

hi,I just want to know if husband and wife both are po and in same bank.Then do they get advantage in relocation ?Are they posted in same place or not?

0 Answers   Corporation Bank,

can anyone tell me a place in Mumbai where I can buy a MPSC book in english medium for sales tax inxpector exam / police sub inspector exam?

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when will the results of EPFO ssa written exam results ll be published and also bank of india ??????????????

28 Answers   EPFO,

hi..i got selected for postal assistant..would i get a call letter for certificate verification or should i directly approach the regional head office with certificates?

0 Answers  

Answers for I am Ankit. I had done MBA-Finance. I am selecet in LIC as a Development Officer and also selected in Post Office as a Postal Assistant..Both salary are same. then which job i have to select??

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Does a Major of Army is equivalant to 2IC of CPMF in service protocall?

1 Answers   CIL,

what are the promotions after selection of acio in ib

0 Answers  

can any one say which book is the best for preparation of GPSC

0 Answers  

what is declared about panchayati raj yr 2009-2010

0 Answers   MPSC, TATA,

i have eye site will i have the qualification for rrb job

0 Answers  

Enriched Uranium is

0 Answers   TNPSC Tamil Nadu Public Service Commission,