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Marketing Sales Interview Questions
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what is marketing? how to sales product examples pen

Coca Cola, ICICI,

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what is difference between seeds marketing and pesticides marketing.

Mahyco Seeds,


why this company will choose you?

Nagarjuna Construction,

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What type of skills you are having. With respect to FMCG company?

ITC Infotech,


How you wil manage dealer network?

ITC Infotech,

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tell me about your dream job? and also define yourself in two work?

IBM, Insurance, Wipro, Yes Bank,


Marketing Management If you are working in a Super Market, what techniques/tools you will use in data collection. how are you going to analysis the data and make inferences? How will you finally apply your market research to improve sales and win over customers?

Big Bazaar, NIBM,

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who is the marketing guru


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wht is roi


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Briefly describe your ideal job?



Why did you choose marketing career?

Aircel, Coca Cola, Infosys, LBC,

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why we choose marketing a a career?

Sumit Chem Lubricants, TATA,

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why i want to join hawkins company?

APC, Hawkins,

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what are the different topics cvered in marketing paper


what is marketing ?

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Un-Answered Questions { Marketing Sales }

How can you effectively integrate traditional, maturing, and new media, channels, and tactics?


What would you do if a customer refuses to fix a meeting with you?


How does the retail selling happen?


what are the different topics cvered in marketing paper


what are the effects of price increase? How do you manage price rise and maitain company markert share?


What is the role of a marketing professional in the development of a firm?


Tell us about the most successful marketing campaign that you've developed.


U did B.Tech why did you join a marketing compnay?


Explain your psychology of selling?


what is your career plan


in Relience company Ltd. ,which percantage should be for candidate for manager post?


If you face any problem in your current organization then mention how would you solve the problem and benefit the company? (Describe it below in 300 words).


What is outside sales? How is it different from indoor sales?


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How does it work for example if a salon is a stockist of another companies product, is there a contract involed, and what are the normal terms of this contract