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Sumit Chem Lubricants Interview Questions
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1) Why do you want to take Marketing as your career? Please give a short note. 2) What has been your experience as Marketing Person? What targets were given to you and what was your achievement v/s. target given to you? 3) Explain your organization chart and your position in the same? 4) What is your present cost to the Company? Contd. 3… - 3 - ABOUT MARKETING: 5) What is a typical Sales Cycle? Please explain. 6) If you are selling industrial products, how would you generate new leads? 7) In a new territory, what strategy you would use to meet up as many customers as possible? 8) How would you ensure that Sales Volume and Margins remain healthy? 9) What products or services you have marketed before? 10) What was the best achievement you had so far? 11) What are the first three steps you would take if a customer complaints about your product? 12) What are the main factors for arriving at the costing and pricing of a new product?


why we choose marketing a a career?

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Sumit Chem Lubricants Interview Questions

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