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Marketing Sales Interview Questions
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what is the difference between sales & marketing?

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what should be the marketing strategy for education sector?

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project for education sector marketing


what is telemarketing?


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In the context of marketing,what do you understand the term'learning'?

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how to face marketing interview on mnc companes

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how many types of advertisements are there?


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what is the biggest achievement in your last? job as i worked as a marketing executive in icici for personal loans

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What is primary & 2ndory sales ?

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why i select you?


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what is the difference between advertisement and publicity?

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Why ur company need you if we already have marketing executives?

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Write the difference between sales and delivery?

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what you have learn from your MBA?

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Un-Answered Questions { Marketing Sales }

Explain in brief the situations when you would be using Integrative growth strategy Intensive growth Diversification growth strategy


What do you think is challenging in marketing?


What are the issues that arise in direct marketing?


What are the different customer services that provide effective solutions?


What is the psychology of selling?


what the reason to switch frm insurance industry to IT industry.


direct and indirect competitors of thorntons chocolate uk. there strenght and weakness


Sometimes, customers place big orders. Later they refuse to take the delivery. What will you do in such a situation to convince the customer to take the delivery? How will you ask the customer to pay you the full amount at the time of delivery?


why do u think u r suitable for the field of marketing....????


Tell me what is more important, product or customer service?


How is the effect of advertising on tv measured?


What steps to you take to promote a business idea to your manager?


Do you like to take orders from supervisors and execute them or prefer to have your own freedom in whatever you do?


How would you tackle a customer complaining about a product you sell?


What steps you take to ensure that the work you delegate is successful?