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Marketing Sales Interview Questions
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i want to know about Nifty

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why u have opted for mba after doing graduation in botany (hons)

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how can you convince me that you can do a sales job even though you don't have any sales experience.

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what should be my 5 yrs goal and 10 yrs goal as marketing student?


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i m sabina . i am rejected in us visa in 29th july and counciler mam say me your colege is exp and choose cheap col and come back. so what i do. i have 2 i20 fairmont and troy . troy is so cheap than fairmont but we arrive in troy aug11 its not posible what i do ?


there is any possible to same councilor to ask me or another?


they can ask me why u rejected next time or not?


how to convise to ladies in us visa section.she is so crul?



Dear ones, Currently am doing job in a retail industry as a floor manager.But doing this job cuts you from your social life n' that's y i am somewhat depressed. Also i want to go in marketing related jobs (advertisements,marketing Promotions, etc)in any well known company but no to insurence field as well. what can i do then? Please suggest me, i am so much confused ! Pallav Verma Raipur (C.G.),India


How to sell a pen to illiterate ? Tell me about yourself in single word (not regular words like Hardworking, Smart working etc..)

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what is marketing mayophia?


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What do you feel you need to develop in terms of skill & knowledge in order to be ready for that opportunity?

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what is the role of a marketing manager in steel sector.

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define marketing

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what is market?

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Un-Answered Questions { Marketing Sales }

what isĀ Setting and strengthening of distribution system.


What major clients have you closed over the last 4 months?


How do you take challenges?


in Relience company Ltd. ,which percantage should be for candidate for manager post?


How do you currently track/manage your sales rep call activity?


hai this is raghu i'm working in 4wheeler automobile company as a sales consultant ,can anyone tell me how to handle the custamer at first visit & how to close the deal ? plz tell me anyone how to overcome this problems ? my mail id is "" send any suggestions to this mail id


What sales challenge have you experienced recently?


What is meant by demographics?


How would you deal with the older members of the organization who are adamant but have to report to you?


What makes a sales person good?


name 5 indian business man name who have great business impact all over india .plz tell me some importent point.


How many active accounts have you handled in the past?


What is your principle to understand a device practically? Can you give the demonstration in front of the customer?


what is difference between seeds marketing and pesticides marketing.


What will you do if some of your subordinates are not performing up to your expectations?