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Business Administration Interview Questions
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what is the difference between company,organisation,industry

Infosys, Kinetic, Nova Solutions,

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What criteria/qualities that you have that can help you in this position


How do you handle a difficult customer? What would you do

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Name your last contribution to your previous employment

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Hi this is Nitesh an mba student. my question is companies often ask the que. why would u like to join this company? wat should be the answer?

Hawkins, HDFC, IBM,

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You have done your BCA, Then Why did you choose MBA?

Colgate, State Bank Of India SBI, TCS, UBS,

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what are enterprenership qualities of Dr.Vergese Kurian?

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What would you do if all the three directors from different countries ask for different reports about their products at the same time for a meeting with Business Head? How will you handle the situation?


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I have done my Toefl in 7th march,2008 and i got less marks in my Toefl exam(Paper-based test)i.e (487) and can i apply for my I-20 with that marks? I couldnt apply for fall due to some personal problems,and i'm trying for spring. I found college but are there any other colleges i am ready to do any Esl tests ,please name some college in New Jersey side,wit total expenses about($8000-$14000).


What is the punchline of Corporation bank?

Corporation Bank, Hindustan Unilever Limited,

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what is difference between nationilised ,government & commercial bank

State Bank Of India SBI,


What are your strenghts

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hi i am rahul sharma. m persuing mba.i have no plans to get into a job right after mba so is there any certified course which can be an add on to my mba degree??

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what are the new role of human resource develpment



You have done Hotel Management.Why did you choose to do MBA and why in marketing and finance only?

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Un-Answered Questions { Business Administration }

what is the diffrence between equity and warrant ?


Suppose you need to conduct a small marketing research study in your neighborhood regarding the purchase and use of detergent powders. What will be your approach in the process?


How do you plan the requirements of material which are very rarely moving and unpredictable in demand?


What the normal terms and conditions in a agreement while signing it with a supplier?


Raj & Raj Ltd purchased a machinery on 01.01.1996 for Rs.88,000.The life of the machine estimated to be 5 Yrs.It was calculated that the old machinery would fetch Rs.8000 at the end of its useful was decided to replace the machinery at the end of the fifth year by setting up depreciation fund and invest the annual depreciation (along with interest earned each year) in gilt edged securities carrying interest at 5% per annum at the end of the 5th year the securities were sold for Rs.62,200 and the old machinery was sold for Rs.9000.As per the sinking fund table Rs.14,478 is to be invested every year.A new machine was purchased on 01.01.2001 for Rs.1,00,000.Pass the journal entries and show the ledger accounts


i want to know step of export of ciramic product ?


What is in-transit inventory and how it is calculated, how do you monitor in-transit inventory levels?


Identify some of the major personality traits of Indian mamagers .cana manager use such traits in shaping his /her actions for better results in the organizations ?


How CRR(What is CRRrate hike will help to reduce inflation rate


wht kind of r mostly asked in bank po interview and tell me and how the merit list is prepared in such a exam


Explain Porters model of competitive strategies. Is it possibl for a company to have sustainable competitive advantage when its industry becomes hyper competitive


Hi,How much gap is there between Paper-I,II and III of Group-II exams?


How to calculate Incetive.


a depository bank is held where either in company's exist country or foreign country and how depository work with investor and how investor has to pay share price. please reply me quick because tomorrow my presentation so please........... alok


Give us an example of a situation where you didn't meet your goals or objectives.