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Electronics Communications Interview Questions
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In interview we are asked "what is your positive and Negative points?"

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how does a transcoder work


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how call flow happening

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Hello all, My self Chandra Sekhar.Are there any certifications are there in Embedded Systems. If there, please provide me the details. My Mail ID:

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Do u any one having Idea on Indocen Electronics. That is in Mumbai. I got an offer from that. Is that company is good or not. I am little bit confused on it. Please provide me the information.


"you r graduated as ELECTRONICS AND COMMUNCATION ENGINEER, then y u r looking for a job in IT side"?

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y u looking for a job in it field sinc u r a ece graduate.

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important questions about sip and ims protocols


What is a difference between ISDN PRI & Channelised E1 ?


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What is the advantega and disadvantage of SCPC(Single Channel Per Carrier) ?

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what are the advatages and disadvantages of Ku-Band compared to Extended-C band???


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How can we measure the Refractive Index of a 2 m long optical fiber?

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what is your strength?

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Why should to management LAN? What are needed in LAN to manage network? Where is LAN use? How to link LAN?

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i want model questions which will be asked in hindustan aeronautics online test for the post of managenent trainee

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Un-Answered Questions { Electronics Communications }

What is meant by delay angle?


The loss of precision in quantity is called A Down time B Delay C Unavoidable delay D None of these


what are the fiber losses,How to rectify it?


What is the work of Bus cable, Power cable and Er cable in nokia flexi edge bts.


Define circuit turn off time


What is monostable multivibrator?


hi.i want to get cleared about ece and want to know what are the topics or chapters which were in 11 and 12 grade.esp., in maths and physics?ans me soon.i am fresher.


Types of (Open Shortest Path First) Link State Advertisements (LSAs)?


What principle does a q-meter operate?


What is difference between fixed-bias circuit & self-bias circuit?


What is a demultiplexer?


why is the diffusion technique of formation of resistor most widely used?


How is cro superior to ordinary measuring instruments?


State the advantages of dual slope adc:


What are the applications of multiplexer (mux)?