Mechanical Engineering Interview Questions
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what is de brogle equation

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Do u know epicyclic gear box?What are the pratical application of epicyclic gear box?


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in project refinery oil (petroleum) , what type of pump is used?

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What is diffrence between star & delta connnection in practical situation in submersible pump?


What is mean by retrofitting of machine tool please brief


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How can we calculate the capacity of each impeller in a multi stage pump(Condensate extraction pump having 5 stage used in thermal power station)How it varies in pumping capacity on removing different stages?


what is the minimum velocity of cooling water for maximum efficiency of condensor.


thermal engg



What Happens when oil pressure in a dg set come down to zero.What are the trouble shooting methods?

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what is the effect of clearance volume in performance of air- compressor???

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wht will happen if reciprocating compressor run in exactly opposite direction?


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why cenrifugal pump casing is called involute casing.


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on which basis safety valves are set with particular pressures?


can u give me model question papers for exam preparation .



how to calculate the turbine efficiency?


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How should I begin a conversation that I need a change in the job to a known person in his organisation?


Any one please sent me a mahindra tractors model question papers.


Properties of F.O. the cause damage on auxiliary boiler.


whats the Formula to calculate temperature of steam at given pressure


What do you treat in high alkalinity of boiler water? What is a feed water pump? What is a Booster pump?


What is pulse tube used in low temperature application?


What is the indication of leaking starting valve of an engine?


send me vizagsteel papers (m.t.. please.)


what is advantage and disadvantage of forward curve and backward curve blade of an id fan impeller and FD fan impeller??


what is tranformer and transducer


do u know about Publishing and Task in catia v5


generally how much percentage is required to sit in exam of PSU'S for mechanical engg. candidate (general category)


Why did you choose this Mechanical Engineering Carrier? What goals do you have in your carrier? How do you plan to achieve these goals?


Hello there, Im a Mechanical Engineer. I passed out in 2010 and have worked for 6 months in the Middle East as a Trainee Engineer. Im now in India and due to appear for an Interview for a firm in the Middle East. The post is of an Automobile Engineer. Im kinda nervous as to what to prepare for the interview. The training which I got was in different areas ranging from technical to managerial aspects. What I mean to say is that that was more of a crash training, where I couldn't stick to one section alone. The interview which Im attending is more of a technical one. What I would like to know, how and what I should be preparing? I have two weeks for the preparation. Should I go through the normal automobile aspects or everything in random. PS: I have excellent communication skills, the one area in which I'm very confident.


Is it required slip & guide for incliened pipe installation to allow axial expansion. If yes, what type we have to use it