Mechanical Engineering Interview Questions
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What is the difference between torque and moment?. is there any difference between pressure ans stress?.


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Stress will produce strain or will strain produce stress?. How do you explain?.


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Two pumps connected in series , what will be the shape of QH curve ?. What will be the shape if they are in parallel.

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Why stainless steel is corrosion resistant?. What is stress corrosion cracking?.

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How will you size a pipe?. What is Darcy's formula?. From where you will get friction factor "f" ?. In darcy formula substitute f = 16/Re and now you see hf proportional to V instead of V square. How do you explain?.

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What is Natural frequency of Vibration?. Imagine a circular disk of radius 'r' is oscillating inside a Semi circular ring of radius 'R', how will you find natural frquency of the system?.

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What is critical pressure ?. What will happen if water is heated above critical pressure and temperature?. What importance it is having related to Boiler?. Upto what presrure natural circulation is possible in Boilers?.

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Steering handle (round dial) of motor vehicles (CAR,BUS,LORRY) wiil be designing with two cross supports without 180 degree straightness( it will be little bit cross). Why?


bearings types

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I am doing 3rd year mechanical engineering. I want to place in good mechanical engineering core company. So please guide me how to prepare for interviews, and what can i do for placed in good company?


tell me the example of cam in daily use

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previous question papers for group 2


what is the difference between impact force and sudden force? pls give any example.


dQ-dW=1 which of the law is obeyed by the equation

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How many volts required to fire spark plug.

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Contaminants of fuel oil


design of a dust collector?


meaning of 125kva DG


What are the causes of emergency stop in a steam engine?


What is volumatric air change of a HOT GAS GENERATOR of a STEAM BOILER ?


state the law of thermodynamics?


why constant pressure is consider for thermal diffusivity??


For example, If raised PR (purchase request) of 1"inch ss pipe so what description in mention in purchase request?


What is the temperature at which diesel normally boils?


What are the requirements of a good fuel?


Define cotter joint?


Which outer cover is on the welding rod?


What happens when too much cylinder oil is injected in the working cylinder?


In terms of electrical enhineering, give a detailed explanation of the "earth fault loop path"


What is the difference between torque and power?