Mechanical Engineering Interview Questions
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if there is self ignition in petro engines then why is the need of spark plug in petrol engine ???

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Pink city of india


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What is the function of rocker arm

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what is bearing journal?


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based on the recruitment program and the expected resumption date



what is the main differance betn id & fd fan


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what is the calculation of selection ofan capacity is 12000m3/hr.

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Hoew to represent unilateral tolerance, as Bilateral tolerance in engg drawing...? Example: 1.295 +0.000 and -0.10, as unitolerance, write the value in bilateral tolerance?


1TR = 400 cfm How?


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What happened when Delivery valve closed and Suction valve open in centrifugal pump.(in running conditions)


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in regenrative cycle why to use two liquid(water&mercury) on steam genration cycle.


If beating no. Is 6205 described the the each no.


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What is cavitations?How it is generated?


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What is snapring ?


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Enumerate some differences between an "orifice" and a "notch". Also tell if "jet" relates more to an orifice or a notch?


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what is the difference between cold and hot spark plug? mention their place of use with justification?


What are the characteristics of Freon 12?


one kg of gas is compressed adiabatically from 1 kg/,1 cubic metre volume and 300 kelvin to 5 kg/,0.5 cubic metre and 400 transfer in this process will be


How to shut down and overhaul the centrifugal pumps?


Describe How much Record maintain store Keeper and Write use of the Records?


how to solved the crictical problems in d. g. set


Is your basic salary of $...... , good for you if employed?In case of any eventuailt,who is your next of kin?


What are the causes of troubles in boiler during operations?


) Shall be responsible for the inspection/ maintenance of all the yard Assets as per the Maintenance procedure and maintain/update the related records correctly


How should I begin a conversation that I need a change in the job to a known person in his organisation?


What materials are used for engine propeller?


have a clutchless car or bike clutch for power transmission???


My vendor filled liquid oxygen in our 11000 liter capacity tank. He filled from 1400 MMWC up to 3200 MMWC. I followed the provided conversion table and found that we had been supplied 1800 MMWC liquid which is going to yield 2815 cubic meter. On the other hand, the vendor claims that he supplied as follows:- 5236 cub mtr(3200 MMWC)-2124 cub mtr(1400MMWC) = 3112 cub mtr. I fear that he wants to charge 297 cubic meters extra. He claims that my method was wrong and his was right. He says that this disparity is because of the conical shape of the base of the flask. I will be thankful if somebody can explain me the truth.


Dear Sir, I am Shariq Sami. I joined BHEL as a Supervisor Trainee in May 2009 on diploma basis, right now i am an assistant Engineer and posted at Noida. I have completed my bachelor of engineering from Jamia Millia Islami, New Delhi.I am Planning to appear for "BHEL ET" exam this year. I want to know,is there any previous year question papers will be available like we have for GATE exams or you feel it is no need? Can you please guide me? Kind Ragards M.S Sami, Contact No. 9891090742, 9250250988, 0120-2545796


The lowest allowable insulation resistance?