Civil Engineering Interview Questions
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How to calculate material and labor required for 100 m2 plaster?


I would like to get the formula How can i calculate the productivity of a mason in terms of brick laying and plaster. i have 6000 Sqmt of interlock laying work i want to calculate - how many masons required to do the job - in how many days can it be done - what will be the production rate in 8 hours shift/ per mason if i can get some excell sheet , it will really help me in my calculations


Consumption of Binding wire for fixing of cover block in vertical surface


What is componsation

Nagarjuna Construction,


what is the use in canals of longitudinal drains and cross drains in lining areas?


How to check Diameter of Np2 rcc pipe?

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what is shuttering co efficient?


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How many types bend used in civil reinforcing


material required for construction of wall (Cement, No of bricks (Brick size 40cm x 20cm x 10cm),sand,Quantity of water


how many time use of plywood shuttering and IS code


What is the standard unit weight of Cast Iron pipe of 200MM Dia.(pipe specification is IS1538)


cement and sand required for one block of size 0.23*0.15*0.46


I used Etabs software to analyse a high-rise building. And I want to use templated UBC-codes inside to calculate the Seismic load. My question is: whether or not I have to control the seismic load by base shear load which is manual calculation? (just for more clarification: I can control this by input the scale factor into Eartquake definition in Etabs) I would highly appreciate your answer.


How to determine dia of steel for use in column,slab etc. i mean how to calculate the diameter of steel which is to be used in structures.


foundation details for 25 ton weight Furnace on 2 supports and 2 tilters


wat would be the probable interview questions and GD topics for IOCL exam?


from one meter cube of stone masonry structure how much cubic meter of cement mortar we use as our estimation 25-30% is that correct for estimation of quantity of sand and cement(2:1) proportion of mortar


As in practice, we are deducting every 2d for 90 degree bend but from where it comes means derivation or reference of IS Code.


Basic questions of civil engineering


how clculate excavated or backfilling quantity by simpson's rule


Stringer How many cm goes to landind


I have an plot with area 35*47 = 182.77 sq yards. Out of this iam planning to construct house with 1350 sqfeet each floor .iwanted to build a G+2 house.Need cost estimation for each item