Civil Engineering Interview Questions
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in design case of structural member best suitrable percentage of steel limit is what



can you provide a link for manual design of building?


What is the PH value for domestic water supply

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What should be the PH value of water for irrigation purpose

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Soil will be infertile , When PH value of water will be A] 11 B] 10 C] 9.5

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The Instrument used to determine colour of water is called A] Turbidimeter B] osmoscope C] Barometer

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Instrument used for determining PH of water

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internal dia of sewer pipe should not be less than A] 15 cm B ] 20 cm C ] 25 cm

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minimum dia of manhole cover should be A] 50 cm B ] 100 cm C ] 75 cm

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cement mortor 1:5 for 30 m2 12 mm tk plastering so how to calcualte its rate


how to calculate 1:5:8 ratio concrete cement, sand, metal and water please give me brief calculation


What is thumb rule in quantity and cost estimation of a residential building in civil engineering??

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What is thumb rule in quality and quantity estimation of a Residential building??

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What is thumb rule in quantity and cost estimation of a residential building?

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How many days should curing of plastering, brick work and concrete


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I need to do a Compressive Strength Test for a specimen made of Rubber. Before doing the Test on the Machine, I need to have an idea of the Minimum and Maximum Compressive Strength or Yield Strength of the specimen. How can I calculate that?


How to calculate the area in squarefeets ?How much area of sqft for this measurements?East 53.3ft West 54ft North 47.7ft South 51.1ft ?


I measured pcc work as 15.34 m cube , the ratio is 1:5:10 ,want to know the cement, sand and metal used for pcc measured as 15.34 m cube at this ratio.


do we consider shrinkage factor for calculating cement consumption for CM mixes for different works?


How musch steel i.e. angles, channels,and square pipes are required per square feet for a steel roof of residential two storied building?


how to determine H- zone in a column? where it will occur?


Which IS Code/American Code applied for coupler test of steel


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What is the cost difference between site mix and ready mix concrete per cubic meter


For sloping slabs or sloping beams why the tension steel from either side of ridge is taken into compression zone of other side?


If density of cement is 1500 Kg/m3, the how is specific gravity 3.15 ? (Density of water is 1000 Kg/m3)


3. What are the disadvantages of your present job, things you do not like about it?


What is meant by Crystal Concrete?


what is the meaning of W.T.S this is written on structural Drawing


What is the standard unit weight of Cast Iron pipe of 200MM Dia.(pipe specification is IS1538)