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Civil Engineering Interview Questions
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What is the basic difference between construction and infrastructure

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What is the exact definition of national highway. What is the difference between national highway n any other road?

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I am planning to construction in my plot in Pune (Chandan Nagar) and its near about 1950 SqFt. Can some plz help me on the rate on per sqft for RCC,Brickwork & Plaster,Flooring,Water proofing,Door. Thank you in advance

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Mujhe koi ye bta do ki 1.54 hi ku lete h material ki quantity niklne ke liye Sab jgha dhund liya bt samj nhi aaya mujhe koi alag aalag krke smjao ki cement m aggr. Dust m itne % wet or dry % hoti h fir kaise kaise 1.54 aaya kha se aaya smjao koi pls m confuse hu my calling nd wts app no. Is +919034604938


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hi i am kailash we construction start a slab load baring 40feet *9 feet *4 inch plz suggest matarials and qty

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anyone can tell me the consumption of steel and concrete per sqft.?

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How to calculate cement, water, fly ash amount for 1 cum if the w/c ratio is 0.4 and fly ash to cement ratio is 1:9


.want to know the volume of water for 1.2.4 concert mixing ratio

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what is weight ratio for concerete grades M5 to M40


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kindly mail me by attaching files , formats for quality checks of common building materials like cement , concrete , bricks , sand and aggregates plz send my email id-



Labor requirement for each item needed? Lean Concrete 103.550m3 Concrete for Foundation and Structure 1753.000m3 Expansion joint 288.000m Contraction joint 127.000m Dowel bar 450.000m



Maximum foundation pressure under PRCC box is 19 T/Sqm and net safe bearing capacity is 12.65. Is it safe? pl help me

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How to do rate analysis for concrete work including shuttering work?

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why we are using stub column..? is it possible to construct steel stub column..?


what is bond strength .

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Define What is Civil Engineering?


which are the Indian auther books for STONE COLUMN/GRANULAR PILES?


What is the Systematic Responsibility Site Engineer? Who are the above and under co-oridinating ? What is office & Site co-ordination of Site Engineer?


I have completed building maintenance course in mcvc stream .. can I apply for the post of " sthapstya abhiyantriki sahayyak"?


how to calculate cost of raw materials of a building for 1000 sqft & also consolidated cost of labour in a 1000 sqft building


what is derating factor in cable? what does it mean if derating factor is high/low in terms of thermal resistivity of soil?


How to activate isometric axes in cad?


Define What is passive earth pressure ?


. Write a C program to perform following functions:- a. Declare one integer variable of all the storage classes. b. Print all the variables without assigning any values in tabular format. a. The tabular format must contain the variable name, type, storage class and printed value on the screen in RED color.


how much need cement bags for block work of wall approx 1000 hollow blocks 20x20x40cm


how to find out hard strata in bored pile when the DMC method adopted.


how to disign cuplock shuttering and it's matireal requirement snd any related web site


How much area, in square meters, will one liter of paint cover if it is brushed out to uniform thickness of 100 microns?


I am practising engineer. I am searching for tutorial of RCC T Girder design Example in staad pro.Do anybody has this?please help


While doing civil foundation of machinery. How will you process for it? & We also fixing plates at top surface of foundation, then what is the procedure?