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calculate the quantity of cement ,sand,bars and aggregate used for 28*4 ft with 4 inch (125mm) thick


Q 1) 1 Mason and 2 LABOUR / _________CUM brick work Q 2) 1 Mason and 1 LABOUR / _________SQ FT Plaster work Q 3) 1 Carpenter & 2 Labour/_________SQ FT shuttering work Q 4) 100 SQ FT roof slab concreting ____________mason and labour required


what do you know that m20,m25

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what is PEB structure

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what is ph value of water

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what do you know lean concrete

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how to find out compressive strength of concrete

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How much bricks in 1sq.meter with thickness 9inch.

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As column is compression member then why we use steel to make it reinforced as it is already capable of taking compressive load?

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What is the difference between Fe500 and Fe500D rebars in their appearance and also is there any change in their Yield Strength of these rebars?

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Why reinforcement done in shorter span in two way slabs

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What is the difference between oneway slab and twoway slabs

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What is the difference between simply supported beams and cantilever beams

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What is dead load impact load live load

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How Much Anailed Wire (Binding Wire) use Per KG in Running Meter ?

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Formula of mid span bar


What is the FE 250 structural steel of 8mm tk plate testing sample intervals with IS code or international code?


how to design and calculate materail quantity for concrete speedbreaker ?


how much one carpenter can doing shuttering of slab in one day


5. Do you feel that your present employer estimates your full work potential? Are they pleased with your work performance?


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how many type of admixtures for water stored structure?


how do i remedy a foundatiom that the column bases was cast and aftet 28days crushing the conprehensive strength of the concrete fall below the specification 25N/mm2


what is called Bulk Density of aggregate?


How to calculate or what is the process of calculation for making 1Metre squre area by AAC Blok which quantity of Cement, Sand & Chips are to be required?


what is the water cement ratio? how to calculate it? list the wt. of constructions materials including concrete both ordinary and light wt. concrete


If we don't have drawing for Excavation of building,At what rule we will go for excavation and how much depth will go for a villa?


IN Compression testing machine 1division =10KN ,then what is compressive strength of 100*100 mm cubes at a load of 320 KN


primary treatment of sewagw consist of removal of floating materials removal of sand & grit removal of organic materials all above


How to get MEP technical,instaaltion & testing data for interview?