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Pharmacy Interview Questions
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what is sink condition in Dissolution?

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In Dry powder inhalation Andersen casacde impacor for FPF performing in that we adjusting 60LPM/MIN and time 4second ,why? Explain

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What is the Ph of blood?

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what is streptococcus and what is the best drug for it

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what the procedure followed in pharmacokinetic study of drug in plasma

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What will be in case stability sampleWhich have batch but distribute in three country.In tath case< we can put the sample for all country, whenevr all have same temp(Zone)

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What is eCTD? Difference between CTD & eCTD? How it will be prepared? Need of any Software?


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when will be the drug inspector notification will be anounced.what are the educational requirements...

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What is the difference between Specific & Non-Specific Method, and Specific & Non-Specific Tests? Please Clarify


how related substnce method developted for new compound which not official in the pharmacopiea



what is the defintion of Pka?

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Hi, I am studying Bpharmacy final year. 1)I want to interview questions for facing basic interview.please help me to provide model papers for all pharma companies and give ur valuable suggestions also. 2)Send me important links for BPharmacy interviews. 3)How should i prepare for facing interview,please give me suggestion. My email

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me completed this year, so which would be the best specelization(which has wide scope) to take in

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hii me completed this year2010. i am intrested in drug inspector post, so could u plzz send me the full details for the post!!reply me as soon as possible for my id

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what is the major definition and difference between uniformity of content and content uniformity as official test for all tablets?


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What should be Step wise the sterlization procedure for Dry Powder injection facility (from Starting)?


How we fix the validity period of a volumetric solution and re-standardization due date?


hai,i had completed my want the coaching centres for drug inspector exam at hyderabad,pls help me nd wen wil b the DI exam conducted in 2012 mostly,pls also forward the model papers.. pls reply me at


Can we quantify bound water by KF titrator ?


How to conduct Literature Survey for Generics Development for European Market


1.why did you choose this career 2.what is pharmacists ideal job


what type of person need for this company


In resolution test of uv calibration ratio of 269nm & 266nm, respectively, using hexane as the reference . the acceptance criteria for the ratio is NLT 1.5 but always found that 1.3 ,why what i can do for the resolving the problem is it necessary to integrate exat at 269nm and 266nm ehat is limit of tollerence


what are all the needs or pre-requisites to perform project on bracketing and matrixing of stability products?


why we are using toluene in resolution in UV calibration


what is the difference of vaccum pressure and vapour pressure ?


how you can fix the known and unknown impurity limit for any drug substance


Why should we not dispatch the reprocess material to export?


What is main of k*abs in uv visible spectroscopy


i had completed my degree with 72% but i dont have good score in gre and tofel and i got an admission into a college in usa is trheir will be any problem if i appear for visa regection because of gre and tofel and i am from science background i lost touch in those subjects.