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Zoology Interview Questions
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What is the biggest Mammal in the world?

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How do the complex eyes of insects work?



Name the Blood Vessels in Fish?


whether snake venom is acidic or alkaline?

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what is the difference and similarities between the outer body covering of free-living and parasitic flatworms?


Why is triploblast more advanced than diploblast?


Does anyone know of any genetic defects on animals? I'm just curious why I've never seen an animal with gigantism, or dwarfism, or down syndrome. I'm sure they all dont die at birth. I'm really interested in some information on this. thanks


Why do the animals depend upon the green plants for their food ?


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Which creatures live for ever ?

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Are all snakes harmful ?

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What is the most poisonous animal ?

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Do ants have a sense of smell ?

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Why a whale does come to the surface of the ocean for breathing ?

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Why a worm can live, when it is cut into twos ?

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Why are a large number of worms seen after the rain storm ?

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Un-Answered Questions { Zoology }

What are the various Labour standards in the fishing sector ?


Name three aquatic mammals?


How are fishing communities affected by emergencies?


A common domesticated animal which cannot taste sweet?


The skin of an animal is called the ‘hudson seal’ by furriers. Which is the animal?


Which animal is the fastest on foot?


Which dog is not a dog?


1. do you like your job 2. How long does it take you to be one 3. How is interacting with the animals 4. What do you like better whales or dolphins you think your job is important v 6. when did you first realize you wanted to be a marine biologist? 7. how many hours do you generally work in a week 8. what is your greatest memory as a marine biologist your opinion what is the greatest thing in being a marine biologist 10. do you specialize in any area? if so what 11. what is a typical day in your career you travel a lot. 13. what school subjects would help you for this career. 14.what kind of species do you work with 15. do you like the people your work with


Name the smallest dog on the earth?


What are panthers?


Which animal has the characteristics of both mammals and birds?


how my subject zoology helpfull in banking sector?


Which is the worlds smallest and ferocious mammal?


Which is the most successful and evolving mammal of the animal kingdom?


Which is the mammal that can differentiate between different colors?