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Botany Interview Questions
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hi i choose botany for appearing in group 2.i want to know wheather the question will be asked from ma syllabus alone r in general ah


which indian ruler refused to fight his cousins and threw down his weapons

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Name a farming system with minimal or no use of chemical fertilizers

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write a note on support in plants and answers



ginger is a root or a stem?

Okomu Oil Palm,

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what is applied botany?


what is pure botany? what is difference between applied botany and pure botany?

Karnataka Biodiversity Board,

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explain tissue culture and crone?

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examples for grains

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What is Photosynthesis? What are its components?

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what is Hardy weinberg Equilibrium?


Difference between Phelloids and Phellem ?

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what is the blotting technique to detect particular specific proteins ?

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which plant has less number of genes and which has large number?


What is the use of automatic impedance hematology instrument?


What are nonliving reservoirs?


How does fertilizers can be made?


Toxin X is released only in mature spores of a single fungus and only when both alleles at a single locus are present. The toxin is never observed when the alleles are together in hyphae or modified hyphae. What division is the fungus found in?


Classify the potato into fruits, roots, stem.


True or false: tubers and fruits of wild members of the Solanaceae may be safely eaten. Explain.


What is the difference between periderm and bark?


Name three insectivorous plants?


What reactions cause safranin to stain plant tissues red?


please tell me answer of these qs. what is pure botany? what is applied botany? i face these Qs in commission exam plz plz help me.


what is Mineralcrisis?


You have been provided with a set of plates of fungi isolated from a diseased leaf, one Chytridiomycota, one Zygomycota, one Ascomycota and one Basidiomycota. The signs of infection indicate that the disease has been caused by a member of Ascomycota which does not form a sexual stage easily. What features would you look for in your isolates to indicate if the target fungus was present?


What is the tallness trait of a pea plant moving separately from the color trait an example of?


TREE RINGS. Do they have any function other than dendochronology?