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Botany Interview Questions
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Explain the Characteristics of Xerophytes ?

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Explain the Classification of Bacteria ?

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What is Viruses explain it ?

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Explain about Economic Importance of Fungi ?

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What is Fungal enzymes ?

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What are the Harmful Activities ?

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What are the Economic importance of algae ?

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What are the Agar ?

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What are the Gloeopeltis ?

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What are the Ramulina reticulate ?

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What are the Trasmigration of Plants from Water on to land ?

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What are the ulva ?

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What are the Plant Succession ?

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What are the Ahydrosere ?

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What are the Climax forest ?

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Un-Answered Questions { Botany }

What is the formula of process of photosynthesis?


How does a cherry seed germinate?


What was the first tree planted on the Earth?


Which is better to grow plants in rock sand or soil?


Describe the structure of a catkin with regard to sex and completeness of the flowers.


What percentage of the world's photosynthesis is produced by trees alone?


how to prepare for mp psc (botany)


Since mistletoe is parasitic, could plasmodesmata be present between mistletoe and its host?


How does fertilizers can be made?


what is the application of induced auto ploypoidy in crop improvement ?


Why do sun flowers move with sunlight?


which floral whorls are present or absent on grasses?


what are the differences between sugar and sap?


Explain cotyledons?


You have been provided with a set of plates of fungi isolated from a diseased leaf, one Chytridiomycota, one Zygomycota, one Ascomycota and one Basidiomycota. The signs of infection indicate that the disease has been caused by a member of Ascomycota which does not form a sexual stage easily. What features would you look for in your isolates to indicate if the target fungus was present?