Botany Interview Questions
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Explain the Characteristics of Xerophytes ?

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Explain the Classification of Bacteria ?

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What is Viruses explain it ?

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Explain about Economic Importance of Fungi ?

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What is Fungal enzymes ?

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What are the Harmful Activities ?

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What are the Economic importance of algae ?

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What are the Agar ?

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What are the Gloeopeltis ?

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What are the Ramulina reticulate ?

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What are the Trasmigration of Plants from Water on to land ?

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What are the ulva ?

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What are the Plant Succession ?

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What are the Ahydrosere ?

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What are the Climax forest ?

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Un-Answered Questions { Botany }

what are the usual adaptations of saprophytic plants like agaricus and ascobolus?


What is the chromosome number of Ginkgoes?


How Plants modify themselves accoridng to the environment?


what is structure of flower of species of Inula genus ?


what is Plant Hybridization?


Does CO have adverse effects on plants?


what is the scientific name of kingdom fungi?


how to prepare for mp psc (botany)


what does the storage tissue in a seed do?


How and from where the epiphytes get mineral nutrients?:?


In cleared and stained root material you have seen structures that appear to be empty sacs in the epidermal cells with ostioles that exit to the soil. Which division are these fungi likely to be from?


What is the use of automatic impedance hematology instrument?


True or false: tubers and fruits of wild members of the Solanaceae may be safely eaten. Explain.


What are the germination requirements for apple seeds?


what is the role of auxins in floral bud development and fruit development?