Bio Informatics Interview Questions
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Why use PatternHunter instead of Blast?

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what is Genome annotation?

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what is Gene expression analysis?

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Explain the Protein expression analysis?

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what is the use of Morphometrics?

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what is QSAR (quantitative structure-activity relationship?

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when is a Genome project finished?

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what is Glycomics?

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Define toxicogenomics?

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What are the advantages of molecular cloning tools?

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Can DeCypher be used for protein struc-ture modeling?


Define COG and KOG ?

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How to Insert Genomic DNA into yeast ?


What is Phantom Gene Sequence?


How to Draw a 3D structure of a Protein from its amino acid sequece?

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Suppose the Blast search returned 100 hits. Of these, 17 were false positives and we knew that there were 165 sequences in the database which should have returned a hit with our sequence. How many false negatives were there, and what is the sensitivity and selectivity of Blast in this instance?


An electron is injected into a region of uniform magnetic flux density with the components of velocity parallel to and normal to the flux. What is the path of the electron?


How long will a train 100m long traveling at 72kmph take to overtake another train 200m long traveling at 54kmph?


what is the principle involved in Biometry?


A certain radioactive element A, has a half life = t seconds. In (t/2) seconds the fraction of the initial quantity of the element so far decayed is nearly how much?


How to run DOCK 6 using cygwin?


Integrate 3x + 5 / (x3-x2-x+1)?


what is the image of point (3,8) in the line x + 3y = 7 ?


How do ESTs work?


How to predict the function of a gene (product)?


What is the secondary structure of intron ?


How to Count number of nucleotide substitutions ?


Define perl and clustalW problem?


How do you find the most recent human sequence data in the data bases inorder to determine physical maps?


What are the main differences between parsimony,distance and likelihood-based algorithms?