Bio Informatics Interview Questions
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How many grams of NaOH will react with 0.2 equivalent of HCl?

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If cos2A + cos2B + cos2C = 1 then ABC is which type of triangle?

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you had 1,500 base pair pieces of random DNA and you wanted to know how many of them had homology to known genes, what would you do to determine that?

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What is Cheminformatics?

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What is Mathematical Biology?

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What is Proteomics?

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What is Pharmacogenetics?

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What is PatternHunter?

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Why was the PatternHunter software program developed?

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How to compare two DNA sequences?

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How do you find repeats within one DNA sequence?

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How to compare a DNA sequence to itself by using it for both the 1st and 2nd sequence?

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What is the largest DNA sequence comparison achieved on PatternHunter?

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Exactly how fast is PatternHunter when comparing two DNA sequences?

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What is the difference in terms of connectivity between a scale free network and random network?


How can we find the direction of an nucleotide substitution, for example; C to T or T to C?


What are the current challenges in the Pharmaceutical and biotechnology sectors?


How to caculate coordinates of each atoms on 3 D HP model?


what is an active ? (UML)


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An electron is injected into a region of uniform magnetic flux density with the components of velocity parallel to and normal to the flux. What is the path of the electron?


What is enzyme-ligand interaction?


Explain about needleman-wunsch algorithm?


Integrate 3x + 5 / (x3-x2-x+1)?


What is the input and outpit of a distance based algorithm?


Define perl and clustalW problem?


Is there is best online Training for Bioinformatics


What is the criteria for LTQ (LC-MS/MS) SEQUEST search?


what is the principle involved in Biometry?