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OBIEE Interview Questions
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What is the difference between Data Level Security and Object Level Security?

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How do you implement security using External Tables and LDAP?

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If you have 2 fact and you want to do report on one with quarter level and the other with month level how do you do that with just one time dimension?

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If you want to create new logical column where will you create (in repository or dashboard) why?

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What is complex join, and where it is used?

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If you want to limit the users by the certain region to access only certain data, what would you do?

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If there are 100 users accessing data, and you want to know the logging details of all the users, where can you find that?

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How do implement event polling table?

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Define pipeline. Did you use it in your projects?

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How do you work in a multi user environment? What are the steps?

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Can you bypass siebel analytics server security ?if so how?

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What are the things you can do in the BMM layer?

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What is the difference between Single Logical Table Source and Multiple Logical Table Sources?

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How do you bring/relate the aggregate tables into the Siebel analytics Logical layer?

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How do you know which report is hitting which table, either the fact table or the aggregate table?

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How will you create report from two subject areas


How will you port changes for dashboards,reports,rpd from development to production?


What are the major challenges you faced while creating the rpd?


From where u get the logical query of your request?


How will you do different types of narrative reports in obiee?


What are the different log files in obiee?


What is clusterservices in obiee ? Why its used?


How analytics process your request when you create your requests?


What is a table alias in obiee? And where and how will you create it.


can you change the location of the obiee repository?


How will you do sort in reports in obiee.


How will change port of obiee answers?


How to get sql from obiee for reports?


Can you run multiple rpd’s in a single obiee instance?


What are different types of joins that are possible in obiee rpd?