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OBIEE Interview Questions
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Suppose I have report which is running for about 3 minutes typically. What is the first step you take to improve the performance of the query?

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What is aggregate navigation? How do you configure the Aggregate tables in OBIEE?

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We have 4 dimension tables, in that 2 tables need to have hierarchies then in such a case is it mandatory to create hierarchies for all the dimension tables?

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Can you have multiple data sources in OBIEE?

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Do you know about Initialization Blocks? Can you give me an example where you used them?

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What is query repository tool?

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Can you migrate the presentation layer to a different server.

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How do you identify what are the dimension tables and how do you decide them during the Business/Data modeling?

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Why do we have multiple LTS in BMM layer? What is the purpose?

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How do i disable cache for only 2 particular tables?

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How do you split a table in the rpd given the condition. ( the condition given was Broker and customer in the same table) Split Broker and customer.

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What is time series wizard? When and how do you use it?


What are other ways of improving summary query reports other than Aggregate Navigation and Cache Management?

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 How to sort columns in rpd and web?

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You worked on standalone or integrated system?

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Un-Answered Questions { OBIEE }

How will change port of obiee answers?


What is level based will you create it?


How online/offline mode impact development and delpoyment?


What is a table alias in obiee? And where and how will you create it.


Explain the architecture of obiee and what each components do?


What are the different log files in obiee?


How will effect the changes for a report , if for certain users only the column heading in the report should be changed?


What is write-back in obiee ?


From where u get the logical query of your request?


What is a table alias in obiee 11g? Where and how will you create it?


What is authentication? How many types of authentication.


How will you create interactive dashboards ?


What are the key configuration files in obiee?


how will you implement security in obiee,so that subjects areas accessed by one group are not accessed by another group.


How to enable drills in a given column data?