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Micro Biology Interview Questions
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Mention the important properties of lentiviruses?

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What is Transactiation?

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What is guillain barre syndrome?

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Which virus causes dengue fever?

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What is the incubation period of Hepatitis “b” virus?

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Give an example for pathogenic yeast?

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What is haemagluttination?

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Name the causal organism of kalaazar?

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What are actinomycetes?

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Expand EMRSA?

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Name the bacteria which are commonly found in genital organs?

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Explain the phenomenon of marker rescue?

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What are imperfect fungi?

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What are nk cells or natural killer cells?

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What are monoclonal antibodies?


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Un-Answered Questions { Micro Biology }

Explain about genomic DNA extraction for PCR ?


What is the importance of Vibrio anguillarum ?


You suspect microscopic grains on a slide that you exposed to the outside air to be pollen. To test this, you place a drop of a sugar solution on the slide with the grains. If this is pollen, what will happen?


Give an account of Rota virus - Plaque assay ?


How to culture C. elegans ?


Describe the process of Making high electrocompetent coli (DH5a or Top10) ?


What is the procedure of anti-viral test ?


Is benzalkonium chloride a quaternary ammonium compound?


Describe the Storing of bacterial colonies ?


How is operation theatre sterilized?


why microbiology failed to experience a period of growth after the reports of Leeuwenhoek?


What is quaternary ammonium compound used for?


How are hemodialyzers and endoscopes disinfected?


Why did you decide to study microbiology? What do you like about it?


What is the reaction characterized by degranulation of mast cells as a result of antigen-antibody complexes affixed to cell surfaces?