Micro Biology Interview Questions
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Mention the important properties of lentiviruses?

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What is Transactiation?

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What is guillain barre syndrome?

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Which virus causes dengue fever?

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What is the incubation period of Hepatitis “b” virus?

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Give an example for pathogenic yeast?

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What is haemagluttination?

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Name the causal organism of kalaazar?

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What are actinomycetes?

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Expand EMRSA?

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Name the bacteria which are commonly found in genital organs?

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Explain the phenomenon of marker rescue?

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What are imperfect fungi?

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What are nk cells or natural killer cells?

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What are monoclonal antibodies?


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Expalin about Methylobacterium and plant PPFMs beneficial bacteria ?


What is the HIV-1 Gag primer sequence ?


while doing microbial limit test of raw material we need to analyse minimum of 40 g sample is required,if the raw material is too costly how do we minimize the sample size?in which guideline says the minimum sample size?


Why we maintain 121degree centigrade for autoclave? why we are not maintaining the temperature above or below 121degree? what is the reason?


What do you know about the basic components and functions of the lymph and the lymphatic system?


Explain the Quantitative PCR for Intestinal Samples?


What are the Minimal Media Recipes for Fed-Batch Cultures of EColi ?


What is the interaction of Group A Streptococcus with HEp-2 & A549 cell line ?


How to keep stock for fungal strain?


In determining a morph unknown, what tests can I do to narrow between Corynebacterium pseudodiph and xerosis?


How to prepare samples of Stomamachers ?


Explain the meaning of bioremediation and describe four examples where microorganisms have been used or can be used in bioremediation?


How to sterlize yeast on mold plates?


How does ELISA work?


Explain about the Propionibacterium acnes ?