Databases Interview Questions
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1. Which is an aggregate function? a. Union b. like c. max d. Rank


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2. Select A.A from ( select 1 as from dual Union select 1 as from dual)A Full outer join ( select 1 B from dual Union select 2 B from dual)B On A.A=B.B


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3. Select sum(a) sum_1,max(a) max_1 ,count(a) count_1 from ( ( select 1 a from dual union all Select to_number(‘2011’) a from dual union all select 1 a from dual) union select 2 b from dual);


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4. Select sum(A.salary) +sum(B.salary) as TOT_SAL from ( select LEVEL emp_id,level*100 salary,case when mod (level,2)=0then 2 else null end dept_id from dual connect by level<6 )A right outer join (select level emp_id ,level*200 salary ,case when mod (level,3)=0 then 2 else null end dept_id from dual connect by level<6)B On A.dept_id=B.dept_id And A.emp_id=B.emp-id;


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7. Where would you look for errors from the database design?


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Can any one explain me when i execute below query.. select months_between('07-JUL-12','10-FEB-12') from dual; Out put:- 4.90322581 How oracle calculate?


HI Friends Myself Manoj,i am from bengaluru.i have 1 yr of exp in PLSQL but not upto the attending interviews but m not able to clear even 1 round..i have attended 3 interviews till today.purpose of writing this query is,i want to know the intreview topics that interviewer going to ask frequently,mainly SCENARIO based questions.IF anybody have any PLSQL projects please give it to me,it will helps me alot.Thanks for your patience.


During insert operation in Netezza Connector, if we give direct option as Yes , is there any issue?


I need a query to list out "Subinventory Transfer" record from Oct 2016 to Oct 2017 for few users


Whis is not false in primary key?



Can we call a function that has out parameter in select statement



Call by value and call by reference in procedure and function, with NOCOPY.



If we delete pack Spec what will be the status of pack Body ?



Delete duplicate rows without using rowid.



What is Histogram?



Un-Answered Questions { Databases }

what is insert all statement in sql


Pgm A calls Pgm B and pgm B uses cursor, when pgm B is called second time, the program is abending saying the cursor is opened? Why?


Explain prerequisites and post activities of oracle database installation


How to do Data size testing? Who does this testing (Developer or tester)?


What is the powerful database utility that can be used for building, executing and processing queries upon PostgreSQL databases?


i have windows-xp processor with P4 system. whenever I tried to download foxpro for windows 2.6 on windows XP, my operating system failed to install foxpro for windows 2.6.please. how could i download , install & run foxpro for windows 2.6 easily on windows XP ?


WHAT IS ecc 6.0


Table1: Col1 col2 1 2 10 3 4 89 5 6 Table:2 Col1 col2 3 2 9 5 4 7 6 87 With the help of table1 and table2 write a query to simulate the fallowing results. Output1: Col1 col2 1 2 2 3 3 4 4 5 5 6 Output2: Col1 col2 2 3 10 4 5 89 6 7 1.Write query for single row to multiple row using sql statements. Eg:a,b,c,d,e,f Change to A B C D E F 2. Write query for multiple row to single row using sql statements. Eg2 A B C D E F Change to Eg:a,b,c,d,e,f Table1: Col1 col2 8 5 2 9 4 2 5 1.Write a query to select all the rows from a table1,if the value of A is null then corresponding B’s value should be printed in A’s value.if the value of A is null in that table then corresponding B’s value should be printed as 30. 2. write a query to find the sum of A and B .display the max among both. 3.write a query to find total number of rows from table 1. Note: if any column value is null in a row then that row should be considered as 2 rows. 4.write a query to display all the records of table1 except A containg 2 as well B containg 5. 5.rewrite the fallowing without using join and group by. Select b.title,max(bc.returneddate –bc.checkoutdate)” mostdaysout” From bookshelf_checkout bc, Book shelf B Where bc.title(+)=b.title Group by b.title. 6.rewrite fallowing query Select id_category from category_master X where exists (select 1 from sub_category Y where X.id_category=Y.id_category) Customer: Name phone1 phone2 phone3 bitwise A 23456 67890 12345 --- B 67459 89760 37689 --- Don’t_call Col1 67890 37689 1.q) update the customer table of bitwise with 1 or 0. Exists in don’t_call table menas show -1 Other wise -0. Output. Name bitwise A 010 B 010


You have 4 instances running on the same UNIX box. How can you determine which shared memory and semaphores are associated with which instance?


Which is the most reliable programming language for RDBMS Relational Database Management System for Multi user applicaton. For PC application or web application ?


What is AUTH_ID and AUTH_USER in pl/sql ?


while creating requisitions i am unable to see the list of organisation can anyone help me out ?


how do you determine the Load performance of any query in sql server {example how do u determine performance of a select stmnt which returns Dynamically many no of records ... some times 100,1000,10000 etc., }


how do u setup a replication site?


i wrote a pl/sql procedure. it must run every sunday 4.40 How can i schedule it with the help of dbms_jobs (or another other procedure with out creating bat file,exe file)