Windows General Interview Questions
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I want to pop up a notepad on my desktop when i log in to my system.How can i do this?

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how to recover/reset/bypass/crack/delete windows administrator password if fogot/lost/cant remember windows password?

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what is the advantages of using Windows XP?


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hi in our system not conected to sharing any folders why ? can u pls xplain


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system administration means


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I am write dvd from dvd writer but problem is not write dvd only write cd . i try to writing data 3 g.b in dvd , dvd is ok ,dvd writer is ok, all sevices is ok , Find out the problem ?

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Differences between Home and Professional Editions

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How can you backup and restore DC


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What is offline defragmentation in AD and how do we do it?


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What are the AD database types and its flow?


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What are the different connector types in exchange?


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i installed windowxp sp2(AMD ATHLON 64by2 processor),it is supporting to run any sort of applications in my system,except,the "C" language. i.e.,when a c program is executed,it is forcebly making windows to shutdown the next moment...what may be the problem..please suggest.

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what are the different technical steps to install windows xp and professional 2000

Infosys, IBM, 3i Infotech,

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what is cmos?

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what is the difference between window xp and window vista

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what is capability and capability based system?


please tell me what is graphics card ,version , type slot


what do u mean by an abb control?explain in brief?


please tell me what is graphics card ,version , type slot


operating system support which deadlock handling techniques like solars, unix implement which deadlock handling techniques