what is the difference between window xp and window vista

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What are the differences between Windows XP and Windows Vista?
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The visual differences between XP and Vista are large in
some areas, and small in others.
As for the technical part of it, it is the same thing; large
differences in some areas, and small in others.

Overall, XP is more reliable, more user friendly, and has
been around for a while so it has a large user base that can
answer most questions about Windows. XP is also more
compatible with printers, copiers, etc. XP also does not
have User Account Control (UAC) which is a pain in the butt
for Vista users. UAC asks you a question every time you do
something, literally. For example, if you move something in
the Start Menu, UAC will come up in a dialog box which takes
you out of you work environment and says "Do you want to
move this over there?" Basically, if you do something, Vista
will ask you if you want to do it.

Vista on the other hand, has Direct X 10, which allows you
to have more sophisticated graphics in games. Vista's
desktop is graphically enhanced with 3D technology, which is
basically the largest advantage that Vista has over XP.
Vista has some minor advantages like faster loading of the
Start Menu and quicker booting and shutdown.

If you must choose between the two, XP is the one to go
with, for now. It is generally better, in all areas. If you
want Vista for the looks, you should know better. Just like
you should not judge a book by its cover.

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