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Accounting General Interview Questions
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Mohan sold goods on 1st sep 2009 for the rs 200000/- to sohan immediatly accepted a 3 month bill.on the due date sohan request for the renewal of the bill for further peirod of two month .mohan agree to pay interest @9% per annum to be inculuded in the new bill . determine the amount of new bill?


cost of normal waste of material under contact costing is debit to : 1)contract a/c 2) trading a/c 3) matrial a/c 4) profit and loss a/c

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variable cost are fixed: 1) for a period 2) per unit 3) depend upon the entity 4) for a particular process of production

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when re ordring quantity is 300 unit.minimum usage is 20unit minimum lead time is 5 days , maximum stock 400 unit , re - ordering will be: 1)300 unit 2)200 unit 3)400 unit 4)100 unit

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what is the reserve & surplus ?


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what is the difference b/w gain and profit?


Pls let me know Job profile for Account Manager.


Whether Depreciation to be posted in debit side or credit side?

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what do you mean by tds

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what is mutual fund?

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what is SEC?


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contingent goods?


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Can CPF share given by govt. added in the Financial gross salary while calculating Total gross salary at the end of Financial year.For eg: My gross salary is Rs.X during a Fin. year & govt share of CPF is Y then Total Fin. Year gross salary is =X+Y,is it correct?


what is Debit?

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What would greater impact a firms valuation, a 10% reduction in revenues or 1% reduction in discount rate?


Recent trends in Corporate Governence?


Tell me do you think accounting standards are mandatory and why?


What are accounting entities?


Explain in simple terms what is the difference between asset, equity, and liabilities?


sir , i am very confussing enrty for cash receipts in t code fbcj. do the effect on wbs element after selected wbs ?


Why in SAP external number range should be selected for depreciation posting . any specific reasons for that explain me? Raj


What is the difference in accounting and marketing?


pass journal entries of the following transaction in the books of AG sindh, AGPR,FTO and SBP: 1)DDo sindh house submitted a bill for purchase of furniture to AGPR islamabad for Rs.200000 on 20th March 09; 2)AGPR issued cheque on 2nd april which was cleared by SBP on 5th April; 3)On 26th may, voucher were exchanged in the clearing house; 4)On 28th May, AG sindh issued advise to settlement to SBP karachi; 5)On 5th june,SBP HQ karachi sends a copy of clearnce memo along with bank statement to AG sindh and AGPR for settlement made on 31st May.


Tell me what do we mean by purchase return in accounting?


Do is it proper fo an engineer to head a bank without a good backgroud in accounting? ?


Tell us depreciation and its types?


what is the difference between profit center area and business are.? please make me clear.


Explain me what is general ledger account?


under which head should be the p & l appropriation a/c should be opened in tally 9? and how to preapare and display it?