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Accounting General Interview Questions
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which are the final entries while closing of books and account at the end of financial year ?

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what is the difference between trial balance and ledger account

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what is contingent liabilty, how it shows in balance sheet?

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what is tds and how it is calculating

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what is set off and carry forward.

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how to make monthly salary sheets.


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Among financial and cost accounting,which is more important? why?

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what are the nationalised banks?

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recently watched film narret the story.

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what is FDI

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who are bulls and bears investors

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what is eps

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whah is price earning formula?

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interview process in factset

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Name three (3) equity security types

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Un-Answered Questions { Accounting General }

In accounting, how do you define the premises?


simply define shares and debentures


what is the meaning of written-off as goodwill written-off


if I m taking a loan from bank of AED 20 lakhs @ 10.25% per annum for 10 years how much amount as intrest I need to pay in this 10 year period of time to bank.


credit card expenses entry kisme pass karenge


Explain what are the rules for debit and credit for different accounts to increase the amount in your business accounts?


Scheme is given by a company to his distributors on sale of goods, what is the treatment of this scheme distributors hand Direct income or indirect income


i am indrani,iam siting for a/c assistance post of muthoot my question is what kind of question they may ask related to a/c or finance?or other than subject what question can be asked like why do u want to join this co etc.. ?


What all are the documents need to check for a supplier payment?


Sir how the enter of GST adjust of sales return


What is good accounts Process & Execution capabilities?


How to make a entry in tally for Land & Building Purchased for RS.1,65,00,000/-(Total Consideration)Paid Installment wise as 30 lakh,10 lakh,20 lakh & 1,30,87,500


What is corporate assesses?


how to assign the cost center to GL Account in SAP (FICO)


under which head should be the p & l appropriation a/c should be opened in tally 9? and how to preapare and display it?