Accounting General Interview Questions
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What is C & F Activity ?


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which type of questions did HR Manager ask and what are the answers

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Mr.x gets Rs66000P.M .He told that you donot cut any dedution from my salary.This is possiable please tell some useful investment

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If closing stock is given in adjustments, how we show in tally 9.0 ?



what is service tax

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My company was granted a bank facility of 750,000 for guarantee, performance bond, advance payment, retention guarantee and 100,000 bank overdraft. These facility amount was never added to the company account. a. What is the entry? b. Lien over fixed deposit for 50,000 to be brought upfront c. Lien over gradual buildup for fixed deposit 50,000 by transferring 10,000 monthly from customer's account to separate call account. d. After a month, we had an overdraft of 22,000. What will be my entry? e. After 3 months, we have a construction project and was asked for advance payment of 24,000 with a 25% margin? f. Another company asked for performance bond of 44,200 with 25% margin.


how to pass entry of petty cash in tally 7.2

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how to account salary advanced from petty cash

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suppose we received goods from H.O.The sisterconcern received it.wat will be the entries if tge S.C.sells it from here.


pre paid expense is a asset?where it should be posted.


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What GP resew of balance sheet taking.


Why we do depreciation?What is the main object of Depreciation?

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What is Differed revenue expenditure?

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What is Share Premium?

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When did Bonus shares issued?

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Tell About ur self what will i say plz help me


entry for cash received from debtors


I renders interior Services, consider one project cost Rs.500000/- Scenario 1 - Material purchased on my Firm Name Material - 300000 -300000 On party behalf Labour - 200000 -150000 My expenses for Labour Contracts Profit - 50000 My Profit Scenario 2 - Material purchased by client Labour - 200000 -150000 My expenses for Labour Contracts Profit - 50000 My Profit In both Profit is same Rs. 50000/-. which is beneficial for me in terms of turnover or tax matters. and if I have to raise a bill to party as per both scenario, how it will affect bill and tax, where will I suffer loss?


cost of lease=20,000.refundable deposits 2000 (after 4 years).annuity value for 4 years @5% is .2820.find the net charge to p&l a/c


how much cash transaction to single transport company per day and also per year


What is batch input? why we use batch input session in SAP(FICO)?


what do you mean byrecoupment of shortworkings in royalty accounts


please send me banking question on my email ID as I have been selected for state bank of india .my email ID is


Is it possible to change the accounting period under Indian GAAP from 1/Apr-31March to 1/January-31/December? There is any restriction in doing that, i mean for example for fisal purposes? Thank you all!


what is cost unit n what is cost sheet?


hi ,i need some suggestion,comptd my graduation in 2012,but i wasted my time for 6 month,just i want 2 escape from this question,what u did for 6 months,how can i give proper anser to them?pls suggest me


whats difference between manufacturing account & cost account


One car company raised an invoice of 30k to its customer, which includes car's price and one year service price of 1600 (cost). They work on 25% margin. How much amount will go to Income statement and B/S?


AL+w button lanunches the .............. installed web brower


My Brother is running a small business of Window glasses & Mirror etc. He needs Bank Loan (CC/OD Limit)against current account. So, I need a project report to apply CC Limit. Please Help me. My EMAIL ID is :- Kindly send the report to above ID ASAP. Thanks & Warm Regards Sarvpreet +919888669523