Accounting General Interview Questions
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What is Deferred income what is the difference between accrued income how it will effect on Financial statement

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One car company raised an invoice of 30k to its customer, which includes car's price and one year service price of 1600 (cost). They work on 25% margin. How much amount will go to Income statement and B/S?


what is opening stock formula?


entry for cash received from debtors


Real,Nominal or Personal. Where do reserves, general reserve and Specific Reserve Go? and why?


Goods destroyed by fire rs.2000 and insurance company claim rs 1250. This is shown on adjustment,how is it posting on profit and loss account and balance sheet


if co. (proprietorship). purchase mobile phone for employees than mobile phones under off. equipment .we have rec. purchase bill gst applicable how shows entry


Sold goods to Gasha 600 by cash


sir, i want t know, i got a cheque frm sindhu (that amount i gave her as rent advance, she is returning nw) bt the cheque has cancled and bank take cheque return charges so plz give this journal entries.


how to posting tally esi employer contribution and pf employer contibution not included in salary

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How to posting employer contribution

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1.what is the entry of petrol of payment made by credit card of owner? 2.what is the entry of petrol of payment made by credit card of Company?


Sir how the enter of GST adjust of sales return


How to pass journal entry of gifts purchased for employee by using campany ATM card



The Horse bought rs. 2000 on Jan.20th died, its carcase was sold for rs.50 loss rs. 1950 what is journal enty


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Hi wht r da questions which are mostly asked in an Accounts related job for freshers?


What is ERP? Diff b/w Income & Expenditure a/c & P/L a/c? What is the fullform & the application of SAP? What is the reasons where Balance sheet will not tally?


My company sent this party goods 62750 this goods is loss sundorbhan paribahan. how to create voucher


When Tds is applicable to deduct and wht is rate for different work panel?


What is the Full Procedure of Purchase ?


What will be a entry for TDS deducted on Salaries, Directors Remuneration and Rent.


Into which account do we close the revaluation account balance during the winding up of a company?


Is buy or sale trade will impact on Nov? Yes/No Please explain.


how to assign the cost center to GL Account in SAP (FICO)


one bank account transaction example ebanking raj medical 500000 dr. second bank account ebanking raj medical 500000 cr what is the entry in tally erp can it is contra contry or not please explain


how to calculate forefeiture of share when over subcription


At the time of depreciation run we selected actual dep key is 5% but we taken 7% so the depreciation was posted wrongly how to rectify it?


Define each Flexfeild qualifiers (natural accounts, balancing acc., secondary tracking, cost center)


Scheme is given by a company to his distributors on sale of goods, what is the treatment of this scheme distributors hand Direct income or indirect income


hi for all i completed Mba finance in 2008.then i got a job in kpo capital iq as jra for 1 year than i left it and done a course sap fico so now looking for a job in sap how to approach? pls give me answer