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Accounting General Interview Questions
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Which ledger are already exist in the tally erp9 ?

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what is salary slab for tds

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what is the last date of deposit TDS on liability for the assessment year 2010-11


please give a journal entry for purchase order

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which is best CA or MBA?


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When tds is deducted from the payments to suppliers, how the Entry will appear in books of accounts in tally.

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What are the three major parts of accounting


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How to make a entry in tally for Land & Building Purchased for RS.1,65,00,000/-(Total Consideration)Paid Installment wise as 30 lakh,10 lakh,20 lakh & 1,30,87,500


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My question is.. I Received the amount from party through the bank. example. 1. Actual received from party $1000 @ 32.70 = 32,700 baht(service charge included ) 2. Bank Charge 500 baht 3. Given the credit to pary $ 1000 @ 32.50 = 32,500 baht 4. and bank charge 500 debit on party account also. .... For the First three transacion on account bank account dr 32200 bank charge dr 500 party cr 32,500 ex. fluxation cr 200 how can treate the 4th transaction. thanks in advance


Our company deposited an amount of 20000 as FD . After the maturity period we are not received any interest and the bank deducted 2938 amount as TDS from our interest and added the interest to the principle amount and renewed the FD. then what is the journal entry for the same.

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Closing stock not considered in Trial Balance,why?

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what does LAT stand for in FYE statement

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last year company profit is Rs 50.000 ,the part of the profit is transfer to reserve and surplus account . but the current year company suffering loss .in that situation company can take help Rs 25000 from reserve and surplus . if yes than how can ,please reply me what is general entry


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what is the entry for toll gate fee

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explain circumstances under which dissolution of solvent and insolvent partners are applicable using garners v/s murray rule



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in insolvency we have to prepare deficiency account but why we do not prepare this account as per general principle i.e Dr Cr To By etc , and deficiency account is which account?


what are your current financial and accounting projects? What is your role?


Follow up ageing balances of Debtors & Creditors and also Inventory


sir i want to know that where we taken entry of sals return in excise in manufecturing unit tell me .


Was there a time when you lost the chance to engage a prospect? What happened and what did you learn?


what is apply SI post


Why in KE5Z report in SAP Accounting Data not found?


Explain me what makes a successful account manager?


How to pass the entry in tally for demolished of building?


please tell me when co. owner invest money in his family members bank a/c. not any transaction came in business can we do this bank statement in tally ?


all GL Related Interview questions with answear


Describe a time when you have not met your goal?


what is debit balance report in SAP?. how do you describe DB report in brief.


What are a debit note and credit note with an example?


Why company issue shares at discount as its a loss ?