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Accounting General Interview Questions
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what is the difference between 'quotation' and 'proforma invoice'?

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Could you tell someting Use's of Trial Balance and where we get the details.

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Types of Invoice ?

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a buyer,purchases a for rs100, b for rs80, c for rs60 and mixed in ratio of 3:4:5 and sells @ 50% profit what wil be d price?


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What is BMP in IMS

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why profit is a liability and loss is an asset?

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Financial Management What will your outlook towards maintenance of liquid assets to ensure that the firm has adequate cash in hands to meet its obligation at all times?

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i am working in pvt company as accountant. but i have one doubt in case of tds deduction. becouse we have paid Rs.25000/- to Just Dail Group account as a Advertisement Expences. I know Rules of Tds deduction Rule no: 194C any payment to contract (advertisement contract) must want to deduct tds (1.133%)if u paid advertisement expences more than Rs.20000/- (one time). but my doubt is this. how much our assessment value in this creditor. up to 20000 don't want to pay tds. r we only assessed value Rs.5000 (25000- 20000), ie Rs.56.65 or whole amount (25000)ie Rs.283.25. anybody can help me

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Hi to All any body pls. tell me the entry for tds in salary example-- one employee salary 25000 tds will be 1000 how to deduct and what will be the entry for above transactions

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Why TDS not Deducted on Service tax amount of Rent.

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what is the maximum amount of adversiting while we paying in cash

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what is legal meaning of CLEAR BALANCE mentioned in bank passbook of a saving account ?

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What will be journal entry of provision for income tax in current year and Adjustment entry in next year

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Hi all, can anybody help me with the mutual fund (AMC)accounting. I would like to know the accounting entries for subscriptions (premium/discount), redemptions (premium/discount), fund expenses, buying/selling securities by the fund and other fund management related accounting entries.

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hove many % vat in calcym hydroxyd?

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Un-Answered Questions { Accounting General }

Please help me in this entries Pass accounting entries for the following transaction in the books of XYZ company. A rendered professional service to company XYZ and sent an invoice dated 01/01/2016 for Rs 1,00,000/- + service tax Q1. Pass journal entry for the invoice received considering the service tax and TDS. Q2. Payment was made on 01/02/2016 by cheque. Pass payment entry.


Please help me with the accounts head for the below ledgers for e.g. for Salary A\c - Indirect Expenses is the account head in tally. what is the account head for below ledgers. Salary A/c Dr. xxx To EPF Payable (employees' contribution only) xx To ESI Payable (employees' contribution only) xx To PT Payable (deducted from employees only) xx To TDS Payable (if deducted from employees' only) xx To Salary Payable (net amount only) xxx Salary A/c Dr. xxx To EPF Payable (employees' contribution only) xx To ESI Payable (employees' contribution only) xx To PT Payable (deducted from employees only) xx To TDS Payable (if deducted from employees' only) xx To Salary Payable (net amount only) xxx Salary Payable A/c Dr. xxx To Cash / Bank A/c xxx


1)What is E-1 Sales (Sales in Transit) Full Guidence From Issue to receipient. 2) What is F Form How Are procedure


In which account does the unpresented cheque will get recorded?


Key difference between indian accounting standards and international accounting standards is.


Assigning natural account to accounting seg. What will happen


Explain me what do you think is bank reconciliation statement?


How do you handle rejection?


A and V enter into a joint venture to sell a consignment of biscuits sharing profits and losses equally. A provides biscuits from stock Rs 10000. He pays expenses amounting to Rs 1000. V incurs further expenses on carriage Rs 1000. He receives cash for sales Rs 15000. He also takes over goods to the value of Rs 2000. The profit on joint venture is 7 (a) Rs.3000 (b) Rs.5000 (c) Rs.6000 (d) Rs.3500


hi i want to run vendor debit memo after he paid all amount i want to give discount through miro i am giving the price and quantity and run in through miro the system will pass another two more line iteams extra and shwoing dr/cr balance +/- when i will increase the amount this is also increasing what is the reason i dont know please send me immediately


Journalise- opened a saving a/c with S.B.I. ?


Who created snapit accounting?


Let me know the liability positions of Partners


Please explain what do you do to increase revenues? What are your tactics, techniques, and sales methods?


What are the characteristic features of financial accounting?