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Accounting General Interview Questions
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what is Goodwill? What kind of Asset for the company?


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Accounting basic rules with example relevant to day to day business


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how to know which item is contingent liability? and why it is not taken in treatment in final a/c....

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why we transfer wages and salary in trading a/c,and why we transfer salary and wages in p/l a/c?

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I have raised a Invoice of Rs. 78964 including service tax rs. 964 in month of April and service tax paid to Govt for April month/ We have voide this invoice in May'12 due to services cancelled by the customer, pls let me know can we adjust this paid service tax amount in our May service tax payable....and how to pass voide bill entry.....

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How to make balance sheet, please advise me in details... Thankx

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when we give to payment for contractor what entry pass with tds?

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how we pass commission entry when we give to other with tds ?


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Mr. S wants to set bank reconciliation start date, from where will he activate the same Answer A. Ledger creation B. Accounting feature C. Configuration window D. Display

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What is the meaning of Trial Balance.

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How is closing stock is valued at the end of the accounting year?

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What is the difference between accounts and finance ?

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What do you mean by Accounting ?

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What is the full form of RTS in banking ?

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Explain me the basic accounting equation?


Which accounting applications are your familiar with?


I am a service man.I want to submit my income tax return by efilling.Anybody can help me to do the same with the information to submit the file?


A Lorry driver damaged shed shutter and we deduct 2000/- from his freight amount now what is the head for the Deducted amount?


What are the functions of manger -accounts and manager-finance?


What is the important of computerized accounting to manual?


What is a trial balance in accounting?


What are the four classifications of bad and doubtful debts as per the context of the bank?


If i pay for general expense (and party provide me gst details) through credit card then how i can enter party details


Plant and machinery destroyed for 50000


whats difference between manufacturing account & cost account


Tell me what would you say are the most important qualities of an account manager?


what is the deference between depreciation explanation


I select in Vendor Master - in defualt data material - Purchasing Group as a Subcontractor but how to get report or list only Subcontractor Vendor Master in sap?