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Accounting General Interview Questions
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Journal entry of outstanding wages is Wages a/c dr TO O/s wages a/c In the Above journal entry why outstanding wages has to be credited ? and o/s wages comes under which account, and why (Personal, Real, Nominal)

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What is bond ? What is capital market?

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I cleared IBPS exam Basically I belongs to A.P. but I applied for karnataka will they accept me?

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how can we do salary entry. inwhich gross salary, da, hrs, pf esi etc. included. tell me what is the journal entry for this type of question.

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What is the use of form D in sale tax


What is the use of form D in sale tax


i have paid the vat amount for the financail year 2009-2010 in the financail year to pass journal entries

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I got a transaction of Online Recruitment Charges, So What is the Ledger to Create?

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please explain me, if I pay salary advance 3000 to satish then how to record entry, for payment, journal, adjustment if salary is 1500/month please send me correct entry shortly

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Dear Sir I had already export to dubai. now I am to know that can I enter this sale entry in RG1. pls guide me.


On January 20x2, the balances of ABC Ltd's provision of doubtful debt account was $1510. During the year, a total of 3750 of account recievable was written of as bad debts. The balance in the provision for doubtful debts account at 31st Dec was 1450. What is the total amount of bad debt recognised this year?

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The following transactions relating to ABC Ltd for the month of 20x1 a) Services performed in relation to income recieved in advance total $1500 b)Supplies expense includes $400 of supplies that are still on hand at 30 June c)Interest accrued on the bank loan is 750 d)At the end of june paid rent for 3 months (June, july Aug) $6000 e)Credit sales for the month of June 2009 amounted to $50000. Past expierence shows that around 1.5% of net credit sales are written off as bad debts. XYZ ltd, previously notified ABC ltd that they have gone bankrupt, will be able to pay $1000, which was recieved at the end of the month. The provision of doubtful debt has an opening balance of $800. f) The owners of ABC Ltd wish to revise the balance of the provision of doubtful debts account to $3500. g) Depreciation of one year on the delivary van is $1500. h) On 30 June 2009, ABC Ltd sold an item of equipment for $40000 cash. The cost of equipment was $50000 and had a accumulated depreciation balance of $2000 REQUIRED: Prepare the relevant adjusting journal entries for the month of June 20x2


what is professional tax slab rate ?


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we given watches to Employees how to treat accountability what is the debit and credit, or any provision to be ?


Why TDS not Deducted on Service tax amount of Rent.


Where do we create House banks and what is the process in sap fico


Tell us why did you select accounting as your profession?


1. The following data is available. Determine the Break Even point in Sales: Sales : $1,800,000/- Fixed Expenses : $ 375,000/- Variable Expenses : $ 1,200,000/-


Please explain the difference between provision and reserve?


Dear Sir I had already export to dubai. now I am to know that can I enter this sale entry in RG1. pls guide me.


whats the sales tax slab and company's turnover professional tax slab


using examples, examine the relevance of the following as final accouting adjustments; 1.reserves 2.provisions 3.disposal of assets 4.control accounts


what is lease accounting?? please explain me....


Describe me accounting rules


have you ever been involved in an invoice dispute? How did you manage the problem?


"Trial Balance is not a comclusive proof of the accuracy of the books of accounts." Explain this statement and describe the errors which are not disclosed inspite of the agreement of trial balance.


if at the end of the year cash book is showing debit balance whether it is meant that cash is not deposited after deducting expenses in bank and it is in hand and we should deposit in next year


Is financial accounting necessary?