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SAP Business One Interview Questions
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Hi, I am currently working in midsized company in SAP Business One after getting two years experience can i move to MNC company with SAP B1 or can i change technology to SAP ABAP na Please suggest me......

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Hi,Could you plz explain me Diff between transfer rule&update rules

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What are three dimensions provided by SAP?


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What are the complex reports you developed in Business Objects.Please tell me 3 reports you developed and the complexity you faced and the solution

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If You Create a Compounding Attribute How many primary Keys it Generates?


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If we are Extracting Data From SD Application Ex:- sales and billing 2lis_11_vahdr & 2lis_13_vdhdr Data Sources.Can I load From These 2 Data Sources to sales overview Cube 0sd_c03.Can you Explain the procedure.


can we have separate cubes for Delivery & Billing Data Sources.

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process chain failure notifications


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I have 2 Data Sources sales and Billing.I have 2 Cubes called 1.sales cube and 2.Billing Cube with its own Data,Now i want to add Sales Data to Billing Cube.How Can it Possible,Can you any one Explain?


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how to write a customise code in reporting replacement path


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your process chain link with ABAP Program,suppose your ABAP Code need some changes how you do this(your process chain is in running stage)


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How you approach when you find that your process chain take a lots of time for loading,tell me the step to increase the loading performance,


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what are the table created when you created a infoobject

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How we know, whether we have to use DSO or Infocube for particular data source?


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what is the difference between DBCONNECT AND UDCONNECT IN SAP BI SYSTEM

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hi guys, now i am working in very small company for SAP_BusinessOne...after getting 3 years of exp in this company ..can i move to LEVEL5 Big Mnc's? any chance is there? or can i change technology instead of B1?


What will happen if we remove eventfilters ?


How types of reports we can create in BOBJ


What is di api in sap business one?


What are the different types of transactions supported by di api ?


What are the features of sap business one include?


What is difference between ap or a/p and ar or a/r?


hi frnds dc's suma could u tell me. 1. expalin u have created any customize cube? 2. what is ur exp in bex and wad? 3. howmany reports u have created? give one scenario abour calculated key figure and formula? 4. tell me some recently what u have done tickets give me 2 tickets explain briefly? 5.what they (off shore team) have done ? what is cell formatting? and advantages?


Is it possible to alter the standard behaviour of sap business one using sdk ?


What are the benefits of sap business one?


can any working guy help explaining me about any twop reports which u have created.....on sales and purchase


What are the sap business one modules?


What are the limitations of di server?


What is difference between matrix and grid in sap business one?


What are the different objects in di api ?