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SAP ALE IDocs Interview Questions
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how to reprocessing the idoc.

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can we, generate i doc for more than 1 vendor. i.e can we generate idoc for more than 1 po order

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how to debug IDOC manually? if i want to extend the standard IDOC say MATMAS, where i have to write code for extension?


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Why we need to create RFC destination from PI to R/3?

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what is the table for trfc port


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What is the main difference between ALE/IDOC and BAPI ?


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Without using the distribution model, can we send data from one system to another system by using ALE?

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A program is generating an outbound IDOC and ther is some error in the data (say an outbound IDOC for Sales Order has been generated and the Material Number has not been properly formatted so that it can be accepted by the receiving system). How shall we handle this error from the program who is generating the outbound IDOC

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i have a material change material description how to trigger idoc?

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how can u schedule BD87 in background process?

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how many type of records in Idoc?

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how will u handle the situation in a report using function module to generate a IDOC how will u handle the error IDOC in same report .


what is function module for idoc genrtions

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how many views have you met with MATMAS ?


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1. How to disable search help on selection screen? 2.How to highlight particular row ALV grid? 3.What is use of At selection screen on field? 4.How to use performance tunning ? 5.How to developed Report? 6. I create custome transprant table to addeda records in SE11 we could add multiple record at a time and maintain the transperant table in SE93?what kind of view generated in background?

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Un-Answered Questions { SAP ALE IDocs }

While sending idoc from receiver side I got msg type 3 and 12.but in receiver side while executing we02, I am gettig the error no idocs selected instead of getting msg type 53.i am simply sending a material from one client to another client?


How do you reprocess previously generated idoc with same number?


What is idoc? Explain its structure.


How do you read data from an IDoc in a program?


What do we21 t-code stand for?


What are the components of an idoc?


What is an IDoc Extension?


What is an idoc filtration?


What do the business process harmonization service do?


Can we send the idoc to multiple sub systems?


Suppose there is one sender and we have three receivers. While generating an idoc will it generate 3 idocs for three receivers? Explain in detail how the flow goes from outbound to inbound systems?


What do sale t-code stand for?


How would you handle idoc errors using messages?


How do you Edit IDoc contents manually?


What is a Port? What are the types of Ports?