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BSRB Clerical Interview Questions
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Hey is any body seleted in SBI clerical interview, fr which written exam were held in aug. My int is on 30th of April.

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what is the criteria for sbi clerical 2009 interview dates will be sechduled


hii, frns this is ruchi again thanx for ur ans my another query is that i m selected from mumbai crcl n i dont know the date of interview. anyone else who is selected from mumbai crcl any idea abt interview date? n my ques are 1) what is core banking its advntg n disadvntg. 2) what is muslim banking? bst of luck. thanx.

State Bank Of India SBI,

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i am in waitlisted list which is released by karnataka bank.Can any one tell what it sense.whether it is confirm job r optional.plz forward if any one know abt this

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hello people iam tuhina i have been shortlisted for the sbi clerical post interviews.. can anyone please assist me in preparing for it..what books can i refer to what should i prepare in what aspects will the questions be asked?? please help me through iam preparing for my final examination as well.....

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i am msc(cs) graduate. in +2 chose commerce.need to tell abt that? what type of questions i expect in computer science and in commerce?

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what all marketing questions may be asked in sbi interview.. thanks in advance

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I have cleared sbi clerk and have interview in may.But I am working in MNC i do not have testimonial and service certificate,So I want to u know can i attend interview without those certificates or what shoul I do.

State Bank Of India SBI,

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what is bank,banking,bank rate,slr,repo rate,reverse repo rate,crr,functions of rbi,functions of sbi

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Hi friends this is srilatha i shortlisted for sbi clerical interview.In which basis they are conducting interviews based on marks or roll numbers.How many days interviews will be conducting plz tell me. Thanks,srilatha

State Bank Of India SBI,

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hi can any one tell that how to prepare for SBI clerial interview. i have only 10 days for preparation what is the ratio of written and Interview marks


does any one here selected in sbi clerical interview to be held in chandigarh for punjab state. Any one who hav already appeared in an interview in chandigarh? what are the questions they ask in interview for a commerce grad.also i need some qustns on marketing? please provide me these quesions. Thx in advance

State Bank Of India SBI,


i have done in biochemistry plz tell me what type of question asked by board members of bank in my interview?


I've cleared sbi written exam held on 8.9.2009. But in 12th have 59.6% only.. I thought it could be rounded off to 60%..Somebody pls tell me , whether the recruting body will accept it as 60% or not.. ? pls reply me .. my interview is on 29.4.2010. But in my UG I've 83% .. reply me whether I'm eligible or not..?

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I've completed MCA ..what r the computer questions to be asked in sbi clerical interview ..

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Sbi Clerk interview 2010 28th april ,panel three, Hi I am dhanya from kerala PG in Microbiology, i had my interview yesterday: The panel Was friendly, Questions asked where. 1,historic importance of my district 2.what is my idea about banking 3.what do i know about sbi 2nd member 1.about my subject what is microbiology 2.difference b/w virus and bactereria 3. iwas working as teacher,so he asked why do i consider to opt for banking than teaching? 4.Hobby related: i had mentioned gardenoing of vegetables in my hobbies ,he mentioned it and then he asked the relevence of a particular town in my locality. see ing the link was eith my hobby itried a guess answer but that was right(FRIENDS SO JUST KEEP YOUR EYES OPEN FOR THE CLUES ,SOMETIMES THIS MAY HELP YOU IN ANSWERING SOME QUESTIONS otherwise do not go for guess work) 3rd member :(lady) 1.the mythology behind my the name of home town 2.The bacteria which was used to clear oil spills 3.the Pz of bangladesh(READ THAT DAYS' NEWSPAPERA THIS MAY COME IN HANDY) 4.tHE LARGEST RESERVE OF THORIUM( FOR THESE TWO I COULDN'T ANSWER , SO I SAID SORRY MAM , ICANT RECOLLECT IT AT THE MOMENT) 5.RECENTLY SOME ORGANISM WAS INTORDUCED TO COMBACT THE ATTACK OF BEETLE WHAT WAS IT S NAME (FOR THESE TWO I COULDN'T ANSWER , SO I SAID SORRY MAM , ICANT RECOLLECT IT AT THE MOMENT)


hiiii....i m selected 4 interview in SBI CLERICAL.i m completed my graduation with commerce.plzz reply me that which type of questions they asked related to commerce....


why do u want to join sbi


hi friends !!! do anyone have any idea , after how many days of result declaration, sbi will commence the training for selected candidates and for how many days n when will they declare details of banks allotted to them ....


Plz guys share the interview questions of BOB clerk........ Thanks in advance......






hi friends, I am sathish. i have cleared the sbi clerical written exam. Now i have to attend the interview. Can anybody suggest how to face the interview and what type of questions they will ask in the interview. Please do mail me regarding this to my mail id With regards, Sathish K


Hi people. My name is John. First of all i would like to thank you and congratulate you all for the successful completion of the interview and hope that the best man/woman walks away with the job. I post here my request for answers to a few questions related to the interview process. I gave my interview in Delhi on 4th may 2010 at the SBI Learning centre in noida. I would like to know the following: 1: how many centres were there in delhi for the purpose of interview? 2: when was the first and last day (duration) of interview in delhi? 3: were the candidates called according to the merit after the written test or was it alphabetical. if it was neither, then how were they calling the candidates? 4: also what are the chances of a candidate who thinks that the interview did not go according to his plan? There is still hope isn't it? 5: do people "horse trade" vacancies (perfect opportunity for somebody's uncle or someone's greased up mla recommendation for a candidate; since sbi taking this long for a result.)? I definitely hope tht the crpd do us a big favour by releasing the results soon. thanks in advance to all those who are kind enough to rest the ghosts in my mind.


guys on which basis are they alloting interview dates.... MERIT or Reg num or Roll num........


hi.I m lila.i have cleared the iob clerk interview through ibps.I am an OBC candidate.but i dont have obc certificate. my form was rejected twice.will they again to submit OBC? will they reject me?what should i do. will they consider me in general now? plz help me out.


what are the economic functions of banks


I am working with a co-operative bank as a Trainee Officer and I am on probation. I am selected for SBI interview. Will I need to submit NOC. If I ask for NOC it can be a negative effect towards my existing employer. If I am not selected in SBI there are chances I cann loose my job here also


What do you feel onboard ship's


can anyone know wen ll result for sbi clerical interview held on 26 -10-2010 ll be published..eager to know...